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Many a bookie will be in search for a solid 2016 World Series PPH as this is likely to be among the most watched and wagered on World Series ever.

PremierPerHead will be offering all the typical MLB World Series betting odds in addition to prop wagers and LIVE IN-PLAY betting.

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1-Betting Lines Delivered Fast and Sharp

This time of year you need to be in position to make the most of every single sporting event with betting lines that are delivered fast and sharp. MLB games are the main source of betting action in the summer months and from opening day right through the Mid-Summer Classic All-Star Game to the World Series in the fall, you can count on Premier Per Head to bring you all the betting lines you need delivered fast and razor sharp. We have business relationships will all of the top oddsmaking services in the world to ensure that you can take full advantage of every game, every day of the year.

2-Built-In Sharp Monitoring

One of the biggest features of our Internet sports betting software is a series of business reports that can be used to closely monitor all the betting action coming in. Our goal is to keep you well ahead of the curve so you can act on opportunities as opposed to having to react to a situation that could leave you with unwanted negative exposure. You will have the ability to create a comprehensive account profile complete with credit and betting limits for each of your customers to gain the ultimate level of control.

3-Live In-Game Betting

One of the most attractive aspects of betting on MLB games is the ability to use live in-game betting lines to add even more excitement to the action on the field. Our online gambling software system is designed to bring you all the live in-game betting lines you need and when a special event such as the MLB All-Star game does come around, you can rest assured that your betting board will be filled.

- Aaron Goldstein, Gambling911.com

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