Cubs Make it to World Series - First Time Since 1945: 5-6 Odds to Win

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The Chicago Cubs have advanced to the 2016 World Series.  The win by the Cubs gives them a chance for a World Series victory for the first time since 1908.  They have not appeared in the World Series since 1945.  Chicago Cubs fans will be thrilled to know they are the 5-6 odds favorites to win in 2016 against the Cleveland Indians (already advancing into the championship game).

"It's going to be the same environment as last (time), Kershaw again," Hendricks said ahead of Saturday's elimination game against the Dodgers. "I'm excited in a sense to get another crack at it. It's obviously going to be fun. It should be a close game. It's definitely going to be important. But ... you have to have simple thoughts, take the same approach as you would any other game."

Six times the Cubs had played to win an NLCS -- three times in 1984, three more in 2003. They held leads in five of those games, yet the pennant drought went on year after year, disappointment after disappointment, noted.

The Cubs beat the Dodgers 5-0 to win the National League Championship Series in six games.

Chicago was actually the early favorite to win the 2016 World Series entering this season.

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