MLB 2016: Bookies and Postseason Baseball Betting

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While watching both the ALCS, where Toronto has been fighting against Cleveland, and the NLCS, where the Los Angeles Dodgers have battled the Chicago Cubs, a few things have come to light.

Online bookies should pay attention to the following 4 observations in order to manage their books.

MLB Bookie & Postseason Baseball Betting

Hot hitting teams can get cold – It happens every season. Hot hitting teams end up struggling at the plate. There’s no more obvious example of this than the Chicago Cubs.

The Cubs got only 2 hits off of Dodgers’ pitcher Rich Hill in 6 innings in a 0 to 6 loss in Game 3 of the NLCS.

The Cubs are batting .185 against the Dodgers even though the Cubs’ team ERA is 3.32, the best among the remaining teams in the playoffs. 

Bettors know about the pitching matchups – Savvy MLB bettors are going to know all about pitching matchups.

In Game 3 between the Dodgers and Cubs, the Cubs with Jake Arrieta on the mound were at -108 while the Dodgers with Rich Hill on the mound were at -113. The wagering was almost evenly split.

On Wednesday, Oct. 19, most online bookies are offering odds of -104 on the Cubs with John Lackey on the mound and -104 on the Dodgers with Julio Urias on the mound.

The betting is, again, almost evenly split with 50% of baseball handicappers placing wagers on both sides.

Agents Can Use Per Head Tools

Set moneyline max wager limits – This should already be happening. Since the odds are so much lower in playoff games, pay per head bookies should set max betting limits on individual games.

The odds on the Cubs in Game 4, as an example, could set up for a big hit at -104. That’s less than 10% juice. Why risk it?  Set a comfortable max betting limit

Look for scalping opportunities if needed – Game 5 between Cleveland and Toronto in the ALS has Cleveland at +165 and Toronto at -180.

This game could set up nicely for a scalp opportunity.

If needed, online bookies should look for any scalping opportunities when they see a difference of -15 or higher. Scalping can be a good way and to manage large baseball bets.

If pay per head agents don’t want to mess with scalping, they can always just set a low max betting limit, around $200, on each individual MLB Playoff and World Series Game.

Online bookies need a premium software to have the best features and make the most money.

Pay per head agents and bookies should take advantage of’s current $3 per head special happening now. Learn more here and become a master agent.

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