How to Bet On Sports - Picking a Winning NCAA Tournament Bracket

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Winning a NCAA Tournament bracket challenge contest, whether it is at your local office or with one of the various online sports betting promotions, is the ultimate test of your college basketball knowledge. From the First Four to the Final Four and national title game, a couple of wrong moves here and there can quickly bust your bracket before even one game is played in the Sweet 16.  SCROLL DOWN FOR MORE

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This is the best time of year to be a college basketball fan as well as an avid sports bettor looking for one final chance to put some money in your pocket betting on the games. Anyone who is serious about picking a NCAA Tournament bracket already has a system in place to fill in the blanks, but there are some basic things to keep in mind if you want to give yourself the best chance to pick a winner. 

Picking Favorites

You could go chalk with all your picks right up the Championship Game on April 2 and do quite well. Sometimes most of the favorites do play up to expectations and make a very deep run in this tournament. However, the reality of a one-and-done format dictates that there will be some stunning upsets along the way. The key to picking favorites is taking note of their current from. A losing record in their last few regular season games or an early exit in the conference tournament is a red flag. If both are the case, this team becomes a prime candidate for an upset special.

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Picking Upsets

Everyone knows that big upsets are common in the first two rounds of this tournament, but too many so-called bracketology experts try to force them into the mix. Past history has demonstrated that a No. 5 seed can be very vulnerable against a No. 12 seed, but that does not mean that you must pick an upset in that pairing in this year’s tournament. You need to take the time to analyze every game on the board to see how an each individual team matches up against its opponent in the opening round. If a lower seed boasts a defense that is very stingy in the points-allowed department, you might want to pick that team to upset a higher seeded team that relies heavily on making three-point shots to win its games. Look for the strengths in the underdogs verse the weaknesses in the favorites when it comes to picking those opening round upsets.

Riding Hot Teams

Riding a hot team is a basic betting strategy in sports. If a team is winning game after game, the momentum of that streak builds and builds with each victory. Look for teams that already surprised the field in its conference tournament. You should also pay close attention to any team that won most of its regular season games. The theory that winner’s win can carry some solid weight in a single elimination format. The best teams to ride are the top seeds that kept things rolling from winning its regular season conference title with a victory in the conference tournament.

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Riding Proven Winners

Proven winners in the current season can be solid picks depending on the matchups they face in their particular bracket. Proven winners year after year come tournament time should always move to the top of the list when you are looking for teams to ride deep into this year’s competition. Veteran coaches that have demonstrated past success in the NCAA Tournament know how to get their team ready. Teams with a group of veteran players that have had success in the postseason during their college career know that this is one last chance for NCAA Tournament glory. All these factors could mean the difference between an early exit and a deep ride over the next few weeks.

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