NCAAB March Madness: Odds and Predictions for Online Bookies

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March Madness is here. Starting on Sunday, many online bookies are going to notice an uptick in futures action on the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament.

Keep reading for an inside scoop on the favorites, second choice teams, and double-digit possibility teams that should garner the most action in bookmaking businesses.



North Carolina +650, UCLA +650, Kansas +700, Villanova +700, Kentucky +700,

It’s strange that North Carolina and UCLA are both at +650. North Carolina sort of makes sense. The Tar Heels were the most consistent team in the ACC during the regular season.

They beat Duke, Louisville, and the rest of the ACC. But, North Carolina didn’t dominate the ACC. UCLA finished behind both Oregon and Arizona in the Pac 12.

It’s difficult to see why UCLA is such a big favorite.

What pay per head agents should keep in mind is that since NC and UCLA are the favorites, casual players might jump on both teams.

They’re also going to jump on Kansas, Villanova, and Kentucky. Kentucky might garner the most action in many bookmaking businesses.

John Calipari is a master at getting his team ready for the NCAA Tournament.

Second Choices:

Duke +800, Gonzaga +900

Duke doesn’t appear at all ready to go deep into the NCAA Tournament. The Blue Devils lack on the court leadership.

But, since Coach K has a reputation much like Calipari’s, agents shouldn’t be surprised to see money wagered on Duke to win the tournament.

Gonzaga’s coach, Mark Few, has never taken the Zags to the Final Four. It’s hard to see him getting much further than the Elite Eight this season.

Gonzaga played a painfully easy schedule. Sure, they beat Arizona, but they did that early in the season when the Wildcats weren’t nearly as good as they are now.

Most online bookies shouldn’t expect to see much action on Gonzaga to win the championship. 

Double-Digit Possibilities:

Louisville +1200, Oregon +1400, Arizona +1700

Depending on where a bookmaker’s clients live, Louisville, Oregon, and Arizona could present the biggest danger to the bottom line. All three schools have rabid fan bases.

All three teams were ranked in the Top 5 at one point during the season. And, all three schools are in that sweet spot when it comes to odds.

Pro players and casual players are going to bet Louisville, Oregon, and Arizona.

Be Prepared For March Madness

What should per head agents do? The most important thing is to set max betting limits via something like the mass editing tool offered by

Also, it’s important that online bookies set a schedule limit override on NCAAB March Madness futures no later than this Friday, March 10.

Conference Tournaments are this week. Selection Sunday is on March 12. Agents should wait until the tournament brackets are set before reopening future betting. is offering their premium platform for half the price, just in time for March Madness. Get the right tools, and the right pay per head platform.

Get with the best in the business, and talk to a PayPerHead agent today. And make more cause during the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament.

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