Wright State Win Against Vols - Payout Odds - 2018 March Madness

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A Wright State win against the Tennessee Vols would pay out $67.50 for every $10 bet with an outright win on the money line.  Wright State winning the 2018 NCAA Men's College Basketball Championship pays $50,000 for every $100 bet.

A win would be their first in the Big Dance. 

Ian Nolan of ESPN.com writes of Wright State: “A defensive-minded club that plays inside out, the Raiders are patient and poised, and they can grind out wins. Now, can the Raiders, who won a program record-25 games this season, win one more and bust someone's bracket wide open?”

Tennessee ranks 35th in the country in points allowed, so this should do the trick to prevent a Wright State upset along with the Vols well-rounded talent.  They shut down the various styles of their respective opponents. They're exceptional defending the pick-and-roll and tough in the post, notes Brian Mull of ESPN.com.

The 13-point line is on the money according to the College Basketball Power Ratings and, while it is possible Wright State can cover here, don't think for a minute they can win outright against this Vols squad that has what it takes to extend their life much further in the 2018 Big Dance.

- Tyrone Black, Gambling911.com

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