Pay Per Head Tips: Why Master Agents Recommend Premium Software

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There are two types of online bookie agents. The first are master agents. The second are sub-agents. Sub-agents work for master agents.

That’s why it’s master agents who recommend premium online bookie software offered by trusted companies like

Below are reasons why.

Premium Sportsbook Software Gives Agents the Edge

It’s important to note that premium software gives agents an edge over their competition. The sports betting industry is rife with competing books.

Professional sportsbooks, run by large organizations, can be found via a simple Google Search.

Per head agents at times compete with those organizationally run sportsbooks. Master agents also compete with other master agents. Any edge that an agent can get is a good thing.

Even if the edge doesn’t appear that powerful at first, in the long run, it might be the one thing that puts one agent ahead of another.

Master agents look to three added benefits from premium bookie software.

Added Benefits with Premium Online Bookie Software

Live betting is a moneymaker – Live betting is a huge moneymaker. Just offering live betting should lead to more revenue and profit.

Most premium software provides access to additional live betting reports. Premium software also allows agents to manage live betting limits.

Managing limits on live bets can be important because pro players especially can take advantage of live betting lines.

TV Listings and promotional efforts – Simple TV listings are one of the most powerful tools pay per head agents can use to promote wagering events.

Most casual, or recreational, players prefer to bet on games that they can watch. Promotional efforts are most effective when they surround viewable betting events.

Finding TV listings can be a chore. Premium bookie software allows agents to quickly find TV listings of viewable sporting events most relevant to their casual players.

Injury information can lead to smarter management – One of the most effective tools available to an online bookie agent is the schedule limit override.

The schedule limit override creates a circle limit for a profile, a league, a specific event, or even a player. Injury information can lead to smarter schedule limit override management.

Creating schedule limit overrides based on injury information is a great way of protecting profit.

Agents must never forget that pro players use injury information to decide on what games they bet.

Premium online bookie software is a must for any serious master agent. Getting an edge is the best way to stay ahead of the competition.

PayPerHead was created for online bookies, by online bookies, and is the industry-leading, premium sportsbook management software.

Right now they’re offering master agents ready to experience a premium software for half the price. Get it today, and start growing your bottom line.  

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