When it Comes to Pay Per Heads the Buzz Word Is Data

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These days it seems everything revolves around data, from product design to consumer behavior and economic planning, everything is based on data, and rightfully so. Information is the key to success, it always has been.

Let Data Analysis Improve your Book

So why is it, that most betting software for bookies are so deficient in this aspect, it seems like every week you need to run hundreds of reports just to get a picture of what your week was like. At AcePerHead.com, we donít think this is right, our agents deserve better, that is why our software reports are informative, and up to the minute accurate.

There is a whole suite of reports that our agents have access to, some are not essential but we still think they are good to have, others are like air, a necessity. Reports like player balance, end of week report, position reports, sub-agent reports, are reports that need to be run every week to know how much is coming your way and how much you need to dish out.

There is also a report that breaks down the player action by product, so you can see how much they won or lost in sports betting, horse racing and casino. This information helps you to make decisions in regard to wager limits, and even possibly limiting or banning someone from certain products.

A lot of these same reports can be run per week, month or even season for you have an accurate account of how well you did. Another important report is the player action report, and the player bet report, this gives you an in depth look at what one player is doing. This is helpful when you want to take advantage of having an especially sharp player with a high winning percentage.

While most agents would rather not have them, because it could disrupt the package performance, there is a reason to try and keep those types of players around, you can place the same bets at some other outlet and offset your loss and even rack in some dough.

The right betting software for bookies, makes your life easier, less stressful and not more frustrating, when you want to know where you stand on a game right at kickoff, you want accurate numbers, you donít want to have a scenario where the report is outdated and you think your exposure is one amount and then realize it was an amount much higher, those kinds of surprises are never nice. Your players also deserve transparency, and that is why they also receive up to the second accurate information on their balances, pending wagers, graded wagers, current weekly figure, historical weekly figures, available balance, etc.

Another great feature of the software that www.AcePerHead.com uses, is their wager ticket report, which refers specifically to live betting wagers. This is an extremely useful report, as it tells you what your players are most interested in. Since live betting becomes more and more popular each season this information will prove crucial to you as an agent.

Switch to AcePerHead.com and take advantage of all the analytical reporting available to our agents, it will make a world of a difference.

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