Why Pay Per Head Agents Should Expand Past NFL Betting

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Many online bookie agents might find that action drops tremendously after the NFL Season. There’s a reason for that. The NFL is, by the far, the most bet upon sports league in the United States.

Although that’s the case, agents shouldn’t just accept the fact that their businesses are going to be less profitable after football season. What per head agents must do is expand beyond NFL betting.

Check out four potential revenue streams that could help agents gain profit in every month of the year.

The final paragraph details what agents should do to increase profits from the four listed potential revenue streams.


The NBA Regular Season starts in the final week of October and ends after the NBA Champion is crowned in late spring or early summer. That’s a long regular season.

The great thing about the NBA, though, is that the NBA Playoffs don’t start until after March Madness.

Most casual and pro players bet on both the NFL and March Madness. It’s after those two events when things get tough for a bookmaker to maintain action.

The best way to prevent a drastic slide in action is for bookmakers to promote NBA Playoff betting. This should be easy because by the time the NBA Playoffs roll around, the only sport on television is going to be…the NBA Playoffs.

While agents promote NBA Playoff betting, they should also promote MLB betting if they decide offering MLB wagers is what they wish to do.

Some players are experts at picking MLB winners. Each agent must decide on his or her own if they want to offer MLB betting.

Horse Racing

Horse racing’s Triple Crown, the Kentucky Derby, the Preakness, and the Belmont, is from the first Saturday in May to the first Saturday in June.

That’s 5-weeks where most of the sports world has their eyes trained on horse racing.

There’s no reason not to promote Triple Crown betting. The great thing about the Triple Crown is that while many players are only going to wager on the Triple Crown races, many more players are going to wager on all the other races that go off during Triple Crown Season.

There’s a potential for a lot of revenue.

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Online Casino Wagering

Casino wagering is passive revenue. The minimums are so low in the online casino that per head agents can’t help but make money without much promotion.

The key is to let players know that the online casino is available to them to use. That’s pretty much it.

There you have it. By promoting the NBA Playoffs, MLB, horse racing’s Triple Crown, and online casino wagering, pay per head agents can ensure profit in every month of the year.

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With Triple Crown on it’s way, there’s no better time than now to start earning more cash while the NFL awaits it’s coming season.

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