Robert Gustafsson Gang Charged with Theft in Philippines: G911 World Exclusive

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Jagajeet Chiba
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Robert Gustafsson Gang Charged with Theft in Philippines: G911 World Exclusive has exclusively obtained the first of what is expected to be many Theft charges to be filed against former Bodog executive Robert Gustafsson, Sylvia Bernadette Gonzales de Guzman and Sherwin Quiambao by the Philippines Department of Justice Office of the City rosecutors in Makati City. YOU CAN VIEW THE COMPLAINT-AFFIDAVIT HERE OBTAINED EXCLUSIVELY BY GAMBLING911.COM

Those of us here at may not be the best when it comes to currency conversions, but based on the indictment and the money allegedly stolen when converting pesos to dollars, this group could be looking at substantial prison time should they be convicted.

A source inside the audit company who wished to remain nameless told Gambling911 "There is at least one more charge coming out this week and one ready for early next week. Keep in mind the audits have only just begun and have barely scratched the surface. There are tons of other shady transactions the forensic team is piecing together but this first set of fraudulent transactions which were just too obvious and stood out like a sore thumb. This gang is looking at hundreds of years in jail once all the charges are levied. This particular Theft charge was based on a transaction from Bodog Asia, but it’s important to realize that there are a number of other victims and some are non-gaming companies."

Other sources in the Philippines have asserted that "Gangster Governor" Chavit Singson is in partnership with Robert Gustafsson, Sylvia Bernadette Gonzales de Guzman and Patrik Selin.  Singson, however, has yet to be named in any court documents obtained by G911 pertaining to this matter.

Singson is quite the colorful character.  The Filipino politician known internationally for his many front row appearances at Manny Pacquiao fights is perhaps known more locally in his native Philippines homeland for a series of scandals that include Singson claiming to have delivered more than 400 million pesos ($8 million) in gambling payoffs from jueteng to former President Joseph Estrada.

The governor claimed he began collecting and delivering the money in 1998, a few months after Estrada was elected president. He added that he participated in the payoffs until August 2000, and that the money drops were made in Estrada's office. He also said Estrada had received 130 million pesos ($2.6 million) from provincial tax revenues.  This ultimately led to an impeachment trial against Estrada and the collapse of his administration. 

In 2005, during the nation's Presidential Hello Garci scandal, Singson claimed he had a tape of a conversation where Estrada, who was eventually jailed, stated he was planning to return to power by disposing whoever would lead the transitional government. 

In July, the Office of the Ombudsman charged Singson with theft of public funds

Singson also had a reputation for being one that should never be crossed. 

Joanne Rae M. Ramirez’s piece for speaks volumes.  It is entitled “The Unsinkable Chavit Singson”.

It was really with trepidation and a racing heart that I stepped into the home of Gov. Luis “Chavit” Singson in Quezon City. Not just for his reputation as an Ilocano kingpin one dared not cross — but because a tiger weighing a ton guards his front door like a dozen PSG officers with stripes.

“Chavit has clear links to the recipient of the funds stolen by the Robert Gustafsson Gang, Jose Luis ‘Sel’ Yulo.,” the source contends. 

As evidence of this, our source notes that Singson and Yulo were both part of the infamous "Midnight" Cabinet of former Philippines President Joseph Estrada.

From "Yulo was controversially named chair of the Presidential Commission on Mass Housing and presidential adviser on housing. He resigned less than a month later after the Manila Times reported that he was facing lawsuits for bouncing checks and unpaid credit card bills."

Meanwhile, our source suggests that funds embezzled by the Gustafsson Gang have helped provide for the lavish lifestyle and business startups of those involved. and its sources in the Philippines will continue to monitor this rapidly unfolding saga as it develops over the next several days and weeks.

- Jagajeet Chiba, 

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