Mickey Mouse ‘Just Say No to Casinos’

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Disney means business!  No way are they letting casinos into the Orlando area.

Mickey Mouse and company plan to pump $650,000 into an anti-casino political campaign.

Disney wants to amend the Florida Constitution to require voter approval for any future casinos in this state, according to a report in the Orlando Sentinel.

Scott Maxwell’s riveting commentary on the subject of Disney and gambling makes for an interesting read.  His opinion: It’s all self-serving to Disney.

Disney is consistent in its opposition to casinos. Beyond competitive reasons, the company seems to generally believe casinos don’t jibe with its brand — as evidenced by its casino-less cruise ships, a rarity in the industry.

Unfortunately, Disney is not consistent in trusting or respecting voters.

See, I have no problem with Disney asking for a public vote on casinos. I like asking citizens what they think.

But Disney has gone to great lengths to block citizens from having a right to vote in the past.

That’s what Orange County’s “Textgate” scandal was all about. Disney lobbied county commissioners to prevent citizens from voting on a measure that would force companies (like Disney) to offer mandatory sick time.

Instead of trying to persuade citizens to vote the way it wanted, Disney helped persuade county commissioners to violate their own charter and deny residents the right to vote on the issue at all that year.

So to recap: Disney is a big fan of direct democracy … when it thinks your vote might help its bottom line. Otherwise, not so much.

- Jagajeet Chiba, Gambling911.com


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