Online Sports Betting in North Carolina, Illegal But So Too is Oral Sex

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  • Dozens of online sportsbooks will be taking bets via the Internet from South Carolina residents heading into the Final Four even if the law says to do otherwise
  • Oral sex is crime against nature in the state
  • The only sex permitted in North Carolina is doing so in the missionary position
  • Beating your wife in public.......LEGAL in NC

If you live in North Carolina and plan on betting your UNC Tar Heels to win the NCAA Championship for the 6th time (as will probably half the state), you could sort of be breaking the law.

North Carolina makes both gambling and bookmaking a misdemeanor with no known cases of individuals being charged for placing a sports wager (none that we at could find anyway). Dozens of online sportsbooks will be taking bets from North Carolina residents.

The only activity leading up to the Final Four that will likely have more law breakers than those placing and accepting sports bettors are those engaging in a certain sexual act, oral sex to be more precise.

There is a state law, so far not repealed, that makes engaging in oral sex a crime against nature.

This is almost as intrusive as legally declaring a marriage void simply because one in the pair becomes impotent. 

Yep, you guessed it, North Carolina has a law for that too.

While having sex, you must stay in the missionary position and have the shades pulled.

We’re not joking here.  That’s a North Carolina state law.  Worse than South Carolina, where sports betting is also technically illegal, but so too is working on Sundays.

This is, after all, the state that passed a so-called “Bathroom law” last year (you must use the public bathroom of the sex you were born with even if you had a sex change).

Of course, we would be remiss in pointing out that you won't be arrested for beating your wife on the court house steps.  Doing so is expressly legal in the state of North Carolina

As noted above, sports bettors probably don’t have to worry about being charged for simply placing a wager.  You’re probably more likely to be apprehended for having oral sex with the blinds open.

As for bookies, that activity certainly involves more risk.  It, too, is considered a misdemeanor, however, bookies are often tagged with other charges such as money laundering. 

There will always be bookies but in recent years Pay Per Head businesses do help to bring much of the activity offshore through contracting services.  This includes any wire rooms and bet taking apparatus.

- Jagajeet Chiba,

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