Mike Matusow ‘Harvey Came to Help Heal’: Followers Lash Out

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Poker pro Mike “The Mouth” Matusow had many in the Twitter community in an uproar Wednesday.

Matusow, who is Republican-leaning, tweeted:

It’s time to quit dividing us all and start uniting! WE ARE ALL AMERICANS

His tweet followed the devastation that has taken its toll along Texas’ east coast including the 4th largest US city of Houston, which has endured flooding of Biblical proportions.

A harmless tweet that followed an initial one by Matusow (note that spelling errors are not ours):

I beleive in a higher power & as the political climate hit defcon1 Harvey came to help heal and bring our country together #PrayForHouston

The responses came swiftly, not all negative, though most were:

Scott Robbins tweeted:

You have said some dumb stuff before but this may be the best!

Brazilian poker player Tom Steuart-Feilding tweeted:

So Houston was sacrificed to give Trump a breather?

MyGamblingLife.com tweeted:

Heal by killing people and destroying thousands of kids homes. If that's your higher power I'm thankful I'm an atheist

Wonton Soup tweeted:

So despite all of the destruction, displacement, and death, there are some "very fine" hurricanes out there? Sure. Praise Harvey. #facepalm

And this from Randy Ohel in response to the Matusow tweet:

Yeah tell that to the people who died. And those who lost their homes. That's a truly awful thing to think/say

OnlyRaiseAA tweeted to Mike:

Ask the doc to change your meds #madness

Texan poker icon and lifelong Republican Doyle Brunson came to Matusow’s defense in the end.

Liberals for some reason want people to always share their opinions and beliefs. Hang in there Mikey!

- Nagesh Rath, Gambling911.com

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