What Golf Betting Taught Bookies

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Before getting to the bookie lessons, it’s important to understand how golf as morphed into one of the more popular sports to bet.

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Golf is a Name Sport

Golf has always been a name sport. Before Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson, there was Arnold Palmer and Jack Nicklaus. Before Jack and Arnie, there was Sam Snead and Ben Hogan.

Golf has never been a sport about the actual events, nobody remembers who won the 2014 Masters, as an example. But, everybody remembers that Jordan Spieth has won the Masters.

This name recognition has allowed golf betting to blossom. It started with Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson in the late 1990’s.

Tiger, especially after signing an endorsement deal with Nike, became one of the most recognizable human beings on the planet.

He and Mickelson made golf a sport that everyone in the U.S. could play, not just individuals with a pass to an exclusive country club.

The “I’m Tiger Woods” Nike commercials helped turn golf into an ultra-popular sport.

Vegas odds makers took notice. Major action started to arrive on the biggest golfing events:  the Masters, the British Open, the PGA Championship, and the U.S. Open.

Golf TV Coverage Led to More Betting

Although Tiger isn’t nearly the golfer today that he was before the 2008 melt down, he and Lefty (Phil Mickelson) were such a force in the early 2000’s in making golf popular, that watching golf has become a weekly thing to do.

Golf even has its own TV channel that gets terrific ratings based on what it is.

Where the eyeballs go on TV sets, is where the money goes to online bookies and pay per head agents.

How popular has golf become? On a major tournament like the Masters, sportsbooks used to take around $50,000 in action.

Now, sportsbooks are surprised if they don’t receive at least $300,000 in action on a tournament like the Masters.

Individual bookies and pay per head agents aren’t going to receive nearly that amount from their players.

That’s okay. Individual bookies and per head agents don’t have the overhead costs that an online sportsbook does, either.

Popularity in golf betting shouldn’t go away anytime soon. The Golf Channel is a 24-hour a day outlet for golf enthusiasts and golf fans.

Public golf courses are making it easier and more affordable for blue collar individuals in the United States to play.

Not just major tournaments, but most PGA Tournaments are shown each week on one of the top broadcast networks.

All of it should lead to more money for bookies and pay per head agents.

What Has Golf Betting Taught Online Bookies

Golf has taught online bookies about money.

It’s taught bookies that football, basketball and baseball aren’t the only 3 sports the bettors pay attention to.

Instead it’s taught pay per head agents and bookies that they can make profit by taking wagers in individual sports.

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