Jesper Karrbrink of Mr Green: ‘We are a Stigmatized Industry’

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In an interview with Rebecca Liggero of, Jesper Karrbrink of Mr Green warns that online gambling operators should resist the temptation of bombarding high stakes gamblers with sales-driven communications instead of telling them to take a break from gambling.

“We are a stigmatized industry, we have to realize that,” Karrbrink told “We are, kind of, right now destroying ourselves. If we can just back off a little bit, we are still going to be commercial like crazy.”

Karrbrink’s company is looking to change that image some by launching a new tool in order to review a player’s risk assessment.  A series of questions will help to determine an individual’s potential risk.

“Depending on where you are on this scale, we will prompt you with recommendations,” said Karrbrink. “So if you are on green, then the recommendation is continue playing as you do. If you are more of an orange, we might suggest you make some limits. If higher up, we might suggest that you take a break and try to cool somewhat.”

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