‘Killing David Hasselhoff’ Would Net One Gambler $500K in Death Pool Bet

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Ken Jeong knew how he could win some easy money.  “Baywatch” and “Nightrider” icon David Hasselhoff would net him $500,000 just for dropping dead, whether Jeong does the deed himself or not.

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That’s because Hasselhoff would pay out a cool $500,000 in a death pool wager.

Typically these celebrity death pools offer short odds on those up there in years.  One would expect Hasselhoff to have many fruitful years ahead on this planet…..but what if.

Especially since Jeong owes money and what better way to obtain these funds than “Killing David Hasselhoff”?

Well, that’s the subject of an upcoming film by Darren Grant directs the upcoming home-video film that also stars none other than Justin Bieber.

From Yahoo News:

Killing Hasselhoff features Jeong as a man who finds himself in serious hot water, thanks to both a drug scandal at the nightclub he owns, and to a ruthless mobster who wants to collect on the hundreds of thousands of dollars Jeong owes him. Jeong’s solution? To win a Hollywood “death pool” by murdering the celebrity he always picks in the competition: Hasselhoff. Doing so will net Jeong the $500,000 that’ll make all of his problems go away. As you might imagine, however, this scheme doesn’t go off exactly as planned, leading to all sorts of criminal hijinks, including a sequence in which the preyed-upon Hasselhoff is forced to prove whether his Baywatch lifeguarding skills were genuine, or just an act.

The DVD and Digital HD is due out August 29, 2017.

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- Jordan Bach, Gambling911.com

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