Latin American Online Gambling Affiliates Must Focus on Social Media Traffic

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When it comes to promoting an online gambling brand in the Latin American market, gambling affiliates need to focus on social media including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.

Up to 35% Commission for Affiliates

A research conducted by Fung Global & Retail Technology shows that 73 percent of users in Latin America claim to read comments about brands on social media while 62 percent of the respondents say those comments influence their subsequent purchase decisions.

“People easily interact with content there, people easily interact with video. They like to comment, they like to leave their opinion. They are highly engageable with this source of content. So, conversion is very good here,” Tiago Almeida of eGaming Services told “Also, in terms of SEO, in terms of Google and what we can get, in terms of traffic, it is still very good because competition is still very low. Because language is difficult, most European experts are not targeting the region very intensively as what they’re already doing in markets like UK, Spain, and Portugal.”

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