Craig Wright vs. Peter McCormack Libel Trial Gets Underway

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Aaron Goldstein
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The trial has finally begun in the UK and is expected to last for two days.  The trial is taking place at the same time as the Dubai BSV Global Blockchain Convention, one in which Wright was expected to be among the top speakers. 

Australian computer scientist and entrepreneur, Dr. Craig Wright, claims to be a co-creator of Bitcoin.  McCormack was among his biggest detractors and Wright claims the individual has libeled him via the popular social media platform Twitter.

There is a bit of an irony that "Craig hating" tweets were flooding Twitter on Monday. will continue to monitor the outcome of this trial.

BSV Global Blockchain Convention About to Get Underway

Jon Southurst of CoinGeek was off to Dubai.  Aside from the Wright vs. McCormack trial, all eyes will be on this week's BSV Global Blockchain Convention.

"Haven't traveled anywhere for a long time... and it shows Here's a short diary I did while I was waiting, waiting, in Doha before coming to @BlockchainConv in Dubai," Southhurst tweeted out.


CoinGeek founder Calvin Ayre (picture above with other CoinGeek personnel) has already arrived in Dubai.  Here he is training below.

This is the conference that will focus on how gaming will begin to explode on the BSV Blockchain.

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