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Playboy has long been synonymous with beautiful and sexy women from all parts of the world. In the early days of magazines to today’s digital features, these women are saluted for sharing their voluptuous bodies with adoring fans. Many girls have dreamed of becoming a Playboy Playmate however that distinction is reserved for a limited few. Perhaps one of the reasons so many aspire to become one is because it lasts a lifetime. has also worked with some of the most beautiful women in the world and showcased them on their website for the enjoyment of everyone. Three of these special ladies that have graced the pages of Playboy were kind enough to spend time with filmmaker John Neyrot and create some incredible video entertainment.  

I’ve been truly blessed having the opportunity to work with these stunning models who I maintain true lasting friendships with today”, said Neyrot. 

Shelby Chesnes 

A native Floridian, Shelby was actually born on Valentine’s Day which may explain why the camera loves her. Growing up, her mom would photograph her at the beach to experiment with different techniques. She was chosen for the July 2012 feature in Playboy. After being cast in the spotlight from her magazine spread, she was cast in a few movies including Las Vegas and Horrible Bosses 2. Today Chesnes is an entrepreneur and social media influencer. 


Shawn Dillon  

Shawn is also a native Floridian hailing from Sarasota. Growing up she spent most of her time in or on the water. Regardless of if it was swimming, scuba diving, wakeboarding, or fishing, her love for all things water gave her the self-proclaimed title of “Mermaid”. She got a gig with an international fishing tournament in Bimini not just as a host or model, but as a fishing competitor as well. Dillon was the Playboy Playmate for February 2013.

Raquel Gibson 

Completing the hattrick for native Floridians, Raquel is an identical twin born in Clearwater, Florida. This beautiful and talented lady graced the pages of Playboy back in November 2005. Gibson has a culinary school degree from Chef Jean Pierre Cooking School in Florida and speaks Tagalog (Filipino) and Japanese. After spending many years modeling and soaking up the spotlight, Raquel now prefers to keep a low profile. She focuses her free time being an advocate for abused and neglected children. 

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