How Golf Betting Has Developed Over the Years

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Golf is a unique sport since it accommodates people of all ages and levels of skill. Unlike most sports, it is a game of finesse and can be difficult to master. However, if you're looking for a sport that's easy to pick up and wager on, then try golf betting. 

Golf betting has become a billion-dollar business due to its popularity and accessibility. The game is not just about winning or losing money but about having fun with people of similar interests. This article covers how the game has developed over recent years, and how that has in turn had an impact on golf betting in the modern era. 

Early years of golf betting 

The origin of the game is debatable since several ancient games had a set of rules that were somehow related to golf.  However, many historians believe that modern-day golf started in the 15th Century in Scotland. The first players simply hit pebbles over objects using bent sticks.  

The Scottish parliament banned the game in 1457, reducing the number of golfers in Scotland. The monarch banned the sport because many golf enthusiasts focused on the game instead of undergoing military training. 

In 1502, the ban was lifted when Scotland and England signed a peace treaty. King James IV embraced the game and became the first ever golfing monarch.  

In the 16th century, King Charles I endorsed the game, and it spread throughout the country. Later, Queen of Scots introduced the sport to the French, and it later spread across Europe and other continents. 

In 1682, the first recorded match was held at Leith golf course, where George Patterson and Duke of York won the game against two English noblemen. It was until 1744 that the first annual golf competition was created, and experienced golfers competed for silverware. 

Initially, golfers played the sport on unkempt grounds, and conventional golf courses didn’t exist. In 1764, Scotland created the St. Andrews 18-hole course which is regarded as the oldest golf course on the planet. However, other unconventional playing grounds existed throughout Britain. 

From its inception, wagering on the game was socially accepted in England. In the early years of golf betting, many players wagered on their own games. However, betting was only available to those with a certain amount of money. For that reason, only professional players and the aristocratic class could participate in golf betting activities. 

In the mid-18th century, Edinburgh Golfers set limits on the amount of cash the members of the noble class could wager on a single event. However, some bettors didn’t observe the max betting cap since there were no strict regulations. 

Golf betting in the digital age 

As time has passed, and with more people starting to play golf, the way punters wager on the sport has changed. Modern-day golf has many rules that have led to more betting options. Therefore, you can play multiple bets on a single event to increase your chances of hitting a win. 

The most common golf market is the outright win and the 2/3 ball bet. In the outright win, you back your favorite golfer to win the tournament. On the other hand, 2/3 betting involves placing a stake on a golfer that can attain a score of over 18 holes. Bookmakers also offer unique markets such as betting on weather conditions like rain delays and wind directions during tournaments.  

Nowadays, there are many in which you can enjoy betting on golf. You can join a golf club and have a place where you can play the game. You can also go to the grounds and watch live events as you place bets. If you don't want to visit a golf event, then you can simply go online and place bets using any internet-enabled gadget. 

Golf betting websites offer numerous opportunities for players to get involved with their favorite sport. These days, you can bet on competitions between professionals and amateurs without going to a golf course.  

Many bookmakers now offer live betting on golf tournaments around the world. Such sites give you access to real-time scores and stats right from your mobile device or desktop browser. Some sportsbooks also allow punters to stream live events as they bet on the go. 

There are numerous prestigious golf championships across the globe, and most countries have their own competitions. You can bet on top events like the U.S. Open, PGA Championship, The Masters, and The Open Championship. 


Golf betting has seen a lot of changes over the last few decades. Most action started in the 18th century when golf was played by wealthy landowners and members of the aristocracy. Betting was also limited since the games had fewer betting markets, and punters needed a lot of funds to place a stake. 

In today's world, technology allows anyone with an internet-enabled device to learn all golf betting rules online. Besides, gamblers can bet on the game with a minimal bankroll and without visiting a brick-and-motor betting facility. 

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