Making Smart Contracts 10,000 Times Cheaper Than With ETH

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Aaron Goldstein
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B2029’s special edition of their Metanet Techtalk series features Xiaohui Liu, Founder and CEO of sCrypt, who will show individuals how to code smart contracts faster, easier, and 10,000 times cheaper than with Ethereum.

This free event will take place in Berlin on June 16, 7:00-10:00pm (CEST).

Here is what you will learn at the event:

sCrypt, a high-level smart contract language like Ethereum’s Solidity that allows you to make your own smart contracts on the BSV blockchain

TRANSPILER, a tool for transforming all types of code into BSV script easily.

Some special guests include Kurt Wuckert, Author at CoinGeek and Chief Bitcoin Historian; Jad Wahab, Director of Engineering at BSV Blockchain Association; and Darren Kellenschwiler, Developer Community Manager at BSV Blockchain Association. They join Xiaohui Liu in answering your questions during the discussion part of the event.

Sign up now to join in an evening of learning and building your network within the Bitcoin SV community.

- Aaron Goldstein,

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