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C Costigan
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Once again, Ireland's Padraig Harrington's second straight British Open win has clobbered national bookies the likes of Paddy Power.

Heading into the 2008 British Open, Harrington was still a 22/1 long shot to win at online bookmakers throughout the United Kingdom including endorsed Sportingbet.

It was not immediately known how much action was taken in and lost by Paddy this year but in 2007 we know they lost significant amounts of money in the third quarter of reported financials.  Not to worry, Ireland's largest bookmaker still posted significant gains on the year.

Harrington left Paddy Power on the wrong side of a €5 million payout last year.

Ireland's favourite golfer was backed at odds as big as 33/1 and 25/1 before the tournament began then, not too far off from this year's opening odds.   He was at 5/2 coming into Sunday's play.

The biggest bet reported by Paddy Power was one of €5,000 at 25/1 returning a massive €130,000 to the lucky punter.

Harrington, like many of his country folk, will be indulging in a favorite pastime for sure Sunday evening - drinking that Irish whiskey and celebrating.  Harrington prefers to drink out of a plastic bottle than the Claret Jug.  The bookies from Paddy Power will be the only one's not celebrating in Ireland.  Let them drink LEAD!!!!


Christopher Costigan, Publisher

Originally published July 20, 2008 1:49 pm EST

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