Peter Wuille Resigns as BTC Core Code Maintainer as Investors Predict Bitcoin Dropping Below $10K

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Aaron Goldstein
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Pieter Wuille, a long time Bitcoin core maintainer, has announced his resignation.

The Belgian has been a contributor and maintainer for the BTC project since 2011 and also co-founded Blockstream in 2014 along with Adam Black.

Wuille's role in BTC’s major code implementations include segregated witness signatures (SegWit), HD wallets, the libsecp256k1 code library, and Taproot/Schnorr.

Wuille says he will remain a contributor to BTC Core and related projects, but would resign the power to maintain (or change) the code.

Bitcoin Below $10K?

Bitcoin's more likely to tumble to $10,000, cutting its value roughly in half, than rally back to $30,000, according to a survey of investors.

The lopsided prediction underscores the bearish position investors have taken.

Retail investors are likely more apprehensive about cryptocurrencies whereas professional investors tended to be more open-minded.

Also of note: 28% of respondents expressed strong confidence that digital currencies are the future of finance.  20% believe they are worthless, according to the Bloomberg report.


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