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Swiss football sensation, Alisha Lehmann, made headlines recently, noting that she rebuffed an "indecent proposal" from an A-list celebrity while in Miami.


Lehmann, a forward on the Aston Villa soccer club, who also dons the hats of an influencer and model, shared that an internationally renowned personality offered her $110,000 to have an all-nighter.

She refused to disclose who the A-lister was, only referring to the person as "him."

Of course, many are speculating who the indecent proposal came from, so the number-crunchers at our shop dug through all the facts and drew up some candidates, setting odds for each.

You can see the full list of 27 names and odds below. There is a clear Miami-connection as this proposal occurred while Lehmann was at a club at South Beach.

Fun Fact: 

Alisha Lehmann has over 16M Followers on Instagram


Who sent "Indecent Proposal" to Alisha Lehmann?

DJ Khaled                      8/1

Enrique Iglesias             10/1

Flo Rida                        10/1

Chad Johnson               12/1

Dwayne Wade              12/1

Future                          12/1

Pitbull                          12/1

Santana Moss               12/1

Sean Combs                  12/1

Steve Aoki                    12/1

Shaquille O’Neal           14/1

Alex Rodriguez              16/1

LeBron James                16/1

Vanilla Ice                     16/1

Frank Gore                   20/1

Pharrell Williams           20/1

Rick Ross                      20/1

Sylvester Stallone          25/1

Tommy Hilfiger             25/1

Tom Brady                    33/1

Ben Affleck                   50/1

Dwayne Johnson           50/1

Dylan Mulvaney                        50/1

Matt Damon                 50/1

Cher                             100/1

Madonna                      100/1

Perez Hilton                  100/1

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