Butler Payout Would be Huge: 75/1 Odds

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Dan Shapiro
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Butler Payout

The odds for little Butler to win the 2010 NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament Championship were initially set at 75/1.  The payout at online sportsbooks the likes of Sports Interaction.com would be around $7000 for every $100 bet.

But did anyone really bet Butler?

We suspect there were a few though SIA is yet to disclose this information to Gambling911.com.

A Butler win would rank among the biggest long shots to ever come through for sports bettors.

When Mine That Bird won the Kentucky Derby as the biggest long shot last year, Sports Interaction had around 20 bets on that horse, all averaging around $10.  They initially released odds at 80/1.

Among the biggest long shots to pay out some years ago was the Florida Marlins winning the 2003 World Series.  That one paid out $100,000 to an individual who placed a $1000 bet online midseason.

It is interesting to point out that Duke will pay out pretty good considering they were a number one seed.  They came into the tournament considered the weakest of the four number one seeds with odds that pay $700 for every $100 bet.

Duke is a -7 ½ favorite against Butler Monday night at Sports Interaction.

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Dan Shapiro, Gambling911.com


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