Lakers Payout Odds to Draft Bronny James: Now Medically Cleared for NBA Draft

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With Bronny James now getting the all clear to play in the NBA from medical staff, BetOnline has the son of LeBron James favored to play with his dad in LA with the Lakers.  The payout is $100 for every $150 bet.  You will receive your initial $100 wager provided the bet is a winner plus the $100 profit.


All the pieces will need to come together for father and son to play in LA.  First, the Lakers will need to draft Bronny and, second, Lebron would remain committed to the team. That's not a given.

Bronny suffered a cardiac arrest and a procedure to repair a congenital heart defect nine months ago.   NBA's Fitness to Play Panel announced its findings for the USC player.

The NBA plans to inform teams Monday that the panel's three physicians evaluated and unanimously approved James, sources said, allowing him to fully participate in this week's pre-draft combine -- an important step to make a case to team executives about his viability as a 2024 prospect.


Lakers Payout Odds to Draft Bronny James

Los Angeles Lakers                    2/3                   (-150)

Cleveland Cavaliers                   12/1 (pays $1200 for every $100 bet)              

New York Knicks                        12/1                

Philadelphia 76ers                     12/1                

Oklahoma City Thunder             14/1                

Atlanta Hawks                           16/1                

Los Angeles Clippers                  16/1                

Miami Heat                               16/1                

Chicago Bulls                            20/1                

Milwaukee Bucks                      20/1                

Memphis Grizzlies                     22/1                

Phoenix Suns                            22/1                

Dallas Mavericks                       28/1                

San Antonio Spurs                     28/1                

Denver Nuggets                        33/1                

Golden State Warriors               33/1                

Minnesota Timberwolves          33/1                

New Orleans Pelicans                33/1                

Boston Celtics                           35/1                

Orlando Magic                          35/1                

Houston Rockets                       40/1                

Portland Trail Blazers                40/1                

Sacramento Kings                     40/1                

Toronto Raptors                        40/1                

Brooklyn Nets                           50/1                

Detroit Pistons                          50/1                

Indiana Pacers                          50/1                

Utah Jazz                                  50/1                

Washington Wizards                 50/1                

Charlotte Hornets                     66/1           


There is one other potential obstacle getting in the way of a Bronny-Lebron Lakers tag team.  Bronny may not even opt to enter the draft this year.

He has until a May 29 deadline to decide whether to stay in the draft or return to college; he has decided to explore the transfer portal if he chooses to play a second year of college basketball.

His agent, Klutch Sports CEO Rich Paul, told ESPN in March, "I don't value a young player getting into the lottery as much as I do getting him on the right team in the right developmental situation."


Lebron's Next Team Odds

*Assuming he doesn't stay with the Lakers

Golden State Warriors               4/1                  

Cleveland Cavaliers                   5/1                  

New York Knicks                        6/1                  

Chicago Bulls                            7/1                  

Philadelphia 76ers                     8/1                  

Miami Heat                               9/1                  

Orlando Magic                          12/1                

San Antonio Spurs                     14/1                

Dallas Mavericks                       18/1                

LA Clippers                               18/1         

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James stands at 6 feet 4 inches and can play the point guard and shooting guard positions with his shooting and defense Bronny's primary strengths.  He is said to lack the size of most NBA players with his skill set.

In 2023, ESPN NBA draft analyst Jonathan Givony noted that James was developing into one of the top perimeter defenders in his class.


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