Lisa Perry Returns: Will Offer Her 2012 NCAA Championship Pick

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Lisa Perry
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Lisa Perry Returns:  Will Offer Her 2012 NCAA Championship Pick

Like Michael Jordan said in 95, “I’m back.”  Yeah buddy, it’s been way too long and oh how I’ve missed my Gambling 911 family.   (Watch for Lisa’s 2012 NCAA Championship pick on this weekend – Documented over 70 percent winning in the Las Vegas Review Journal)

Starting my career as the best female handicapper back when the Super Bowl was played in Jacksonville, Calvin Ayre knew what he was doing when he hired me on to Bodog.  The relationship with Bodog and Gambling 911 was a straight affiliation and I was welcomed with open arms to the 911 fam! 

Becoming a freelance writer for a few different sports betting companies like The Offshore Wire and Pigskin Pussycats, these led me to the number one sporting publication in the country, The Las Vegas Review Journal.  Having my articles hit front page of the only section worth reading, SPORTS, I was able to showcase my top teams winning each week.  Let me tell you all, picking games where people place their hard earned money on can get dangerous!  Death threats and all, these professionals don’t play.  Remember, I’ll never hold a gun to your head telling you that you HAVE to pick my games.  If it’s that serious for you, YOU NEED HELP!  Most likely you’re probably also in need of a marriage counselor, home, car and place of employment.  GET A LIFE! 

When Mac Daddy Ayre told me to send him my top ten teams to win, I was thinking to myself that this was going to be the easiest money I’ve made since selling my Christian Laettner NBA Starting Lineup.  No problem, I got this.  Took me less than 5 minutes to skim through the games and decide on the winners.  Email sent, sit back, relax and wait for the week to hit Sunday and watch my teams all win!  The very next day, I received a special delivery from Bodog.  Excited as ever, I tore that box apart!  Almost ripping the post it note hand written by Calvin, it said I needed to redo all my picks.  I was so confused as to why my guaranteed picks were even questioned.  As I kept on reading, in all caps it said he needed the OVER and UNDER of all games – READ THE BOOK ENCLOSED.  I had a huge bible on Gambling 101.  Good thing he sent that book, it was then when I became the real deal Holyfield!  How many females do you know that can pick winners and losers of games?  Now, ask yourself how many females do you know that can pick the over and under of games played? 


For all the years I’ve been a handicapper, I don’t just randomly throw out what sounds good for each game.  I study the games being played.  I do research on how well each team plays each other, in certain stadiums, field conditions, turf, grass, in door, out door, snow, rain, hot climates, injuries and even the calls I get from people on who partied hard Friday night and who just got thrown out of the house.  So when you’re listening to my interviews, reading my picks or any article where my opinions are given ~ take note ~ I have a logical reason behind each team or player I’m choosing.  If you could care less on how you bet then ask your girlfriend who keeps unplugging your Playstation and causing glitches to happen when your playing Madden online because she secretly keeps switching the internet on and off. 

I love the gaming industry!  Whether it’s a professional sport or a Doyle event, I’m kicking butt and taking names.  That’s the way I roll the dice, winning!!!

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