Sports Handicapper Who Lost Home to Foreclosure Gives Advise on Picking NCAA Tournament Winners

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Jagajeet Chiba
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Earlier this week a local news station asked the foreclosed handicapper to provide betting advice for the NCAA Tournament. 

Say What?? Channel 8 in Las Vegas invites Ted Sevransky who lost his house advise their audience during March Madness??

I guess poor Channel 8 in Las Vegas found someone who has lost his house in sports betting who will now lead their viewing audience to slaughter. 

Teddy appeared in poor mental health in this interview and has the looks of someone close to a nervous breakdown. 

Ted Sevransky Foreclosure News Hits Sports Memo in a Big Way

Gambling911 broke the story here about the Ted Sevransky foreclosure. Many in the community commented heavily about this topic. 

Many speculated that that news of Ted Sevransky losing his home would greatly impact his employer. 

Image is everything for any type of consulting business. Ted Sevransky image is forever tarnished with the news of his him losing his Las Vegas home. 

The customers have voted no confidence towards Teddy Covers as they cannot spend their hard earned dollars on someone

who is upside down on his home and would allow his name to get smeared by the banks as they announced his foreclosure to the public. 

Teddy Covers had been built up in Las Vegas by the owner of Sports Memo Tim Trushell who spent a good portion of his radio dollars pumping Teddy Covers down the throats of his listening audience. 

The Sports Memo Radio show has since cut down their air time in half going from a 2 hour daily radio show in Las  Vegas to an hour a day. 

Ted Sevransky has had to find alternative income opportunities and has since added a writing job with Gaming Today. 

Word around the street is it does not pay very well but Sevransky can use the money. 

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