Bitcoin Leads Other Digital Currencies As They Crash

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It is good news all over for bitcoin miners. Investors are happy that the price of the digital currency is going wild. But little do they know that things are changing.  The digital currency is recording stunning performance for the last several months. Today, things are changing. The value of the bitcoin is going low. It is no longer going up.  Those who expect to make a fortune are not happy. The price is going down by more than $7, 000!  At some point last week, the price of the bitcoin reaches its highest. It hits $20, 000. But it does not stay at the value for long. After a short while, let’s us say less 12 hours, it comes down to $18, 000. Shortly afterward, it goes further down to $17, 000. Find the best Bitcoin gambling sites at

As we speak, the price of the bitcoin does not go beyond $15, 000. If it is $15, 000, that is a very generous exchange platform. Several exchange bureaus are exchanging one bitcoin at a price of $14, 000. Above all, this is the highest drop the digital currency is witnessing in 2017. There is a time the digital currency loses some $2, 000. That is the highest it loses. But now, something more than that is here. The price of one BTC is $998 in January 2017. Eleven months later, the price of this digital currency is more than $10, 000 more. At some point, when the bitcoin hits $20, 000, it is $19, 000 more!

Experts warn that the price is likely to go low. It will go much lower than what it currently is. Although the BTC value is low, some exchanges are doing it above $14, 000. But financial experts warn that it will go much lower. This loss is 23 percent for the bitcoin. But it is not the only digital currency that is suffering setbacks. Several other digital currencies are suffering the same fate.  Do you know how other digital currencies are performing? Ethereun, for instance, is down by 20 percent. Bitcoin Cash also suffers from a 30% loss. Litecoin is not exceptional. It also suffers a 21 percent loss.  According to the Bitcoin news at, almost all high-profile digital coins suffer. They lose their prices the last 24 hours.

The loss is not good news to miners. Digital currency investors are crying foul. When the price of the coin hit $20, 000, many want to exchange it.  But the time to do so is yet to come. They feel that will go further. Financial analysts warn that it will be difficult for the digital currency to surpass the 20-dollar mark. If it does, they warn that it will be short-lived.  All that the financial analysts agree on is that it will soon climb down. They even categorically say that it will come as low as $11, 000. That is what the world is experiencing now.  All those that are investing in cryptocurrencies are finding it hard to believe. The bitcoin that is increasing in value each day will not backslide. That is how digital currency enthusiasts argue.

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