Boston Bookies and Pay Per Head Services

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Aaron Goldstein
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If you happen to reside in and around the Boston, Massachusetts area, bookies will be plentiful as with most major Northeastern city.  And just because your New England Patriots didn't come anywhere near playing in the Super Bowl, doesn't mean most folks won't want to be betting on this year's big game between the new dynasty, Kansas City Chiefs vs. the San Francisco 49ers.


A Pay Per Head service makes sense over actually owning your own sportsbook, both in terms of the upfront costs and the amount of work and expertise involved in today's ever evolving market.

The Pay Per Head model works like this: You get everything from software to server hosting to a customized website for your players and the all-important oddsmakers.  Imagine having all of this and not having to pay people?  That's exactly what the PPH business affords. So, yes, why own a sportsbook when you have access to a Pay Per Head platform?

Boston bookies have another great advantage over those in other states.  While the state opened the floodgates to sports betting in 2023, individuals are unable to use a credit card to open an account.  Stateside bookies can take full advantage of this by extending credit to their clientele. 

The other attraction is the rich history of Boston area teams.  From the New England Patriots Tom Brady-Bill Belichick era to the remarkable success of the Boston Celtics.  And let's not forget those Red Sox in Major League Baseball.  We know, we know, the Bruins are pretty damn good in the NHL. 

Pay Per Head businesses not only customize lines in order to discourage action during weeks where oddsmakers believe a Patriots cover is imminent, they also offer live betting and casino games to help improve profit margins while boosting handle.

- Aaron Goldstein,

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