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Aaron Goldstein
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Colorado Springs, Boulder and Denver bookies will be in full swing even as we look beyond the NFL and college football.  Bookies will be happy to know that there are many Pay Per Head operators in Colorado.


These include the likes of, which offers state-of-the-art services, customized websites, 24-7 line management and reporting along with very affordable per head rates starting at just $10.

Located just 1 hour south of Denver, those residing in Colorado Springs will tend to be Broncos supporters.  Last year’s Broncos team went 8-6 Against The Spread so you will want to have sharp linesmen running your operation while providing online casino games and poker as an added enticement in order to boost your profit margin.

Last but not least, if you are big fans of Investigation Discovery like us, you’ve probably watched their highest rated program “Homicide Hunter” with Lt. Joe Kenda.  That real life crime documentary series takes place entirely in Colorado Springs and highlights the amount of criminal activity that can be found here.  Bookies, in particular, are at high risk and should maintain their sports betting business profile offshore whenever possible. 

Colorado is one of the few states where sports betting is licensed and regulated.  Bookies and agents can offer their clientele a safe and anonymous alternative that includes the extention of credit.

The entire state has something new to celebrate. With Prime Time making his coaching debut at Colorado University in Boulder, the Buffaloes were all the rage for the first few weeks of the 2023 college football season.  The team would ultimately implode but should be improved in 2024.

Denver is home to the reigning NBA champs, who continued to play well heading into 2024, the Nuggets.

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