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Aaron Goldstein
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This season, early on at least, many a local bookie is taking quite a beating.  Imagine if you will living in a state where the NFL team will enter Week 15 undefeated and a few of the local College teams have been killing it Against The Spread.  This leads to the age old question: How can a bookie turn a profit during trying times?


It’s not an easy task.  In today’s world even the least savvy of sports bettors has access to information via the Internet that offers a tremendous edge over a local bookie.

These bookies can no longer rely on simply taking spread and total bets.

There is an increasing reliance on offshore Pay Per Head businesses and with good reason.  They can indeed help local bookies realize a profit thanks to technological advances in the world of sports wagering.

Successful Pay Per Head businesses like offer software platforms that encompass real time reporting. lets bookies and agents analyze individual player wagering activity through easily accessible bookmaking reports. All reports are customizable to individual preference, which means the variety of advanced bookmaking reports is limitless.

Further advances in software over recent years includes live wagering.  Gamblers love live in-progress betting because it offers a more interactive experience, allowing one to place a bet on each play in real time as it is about to happen.  Bookies love it because live betting also provides the house with a tremendous advantage.  The house will enjoy improved hold percentages as this is a type of impulsive wagering activity.   No need to worry about “sharps”.

Today’s Pay Per Head businesses also offer clients the ability to play online casino games.  Ask any offshore sportsbook and they will tell you it is their casino business that ensures a profit even when facing a series of weeks where NFL and College Football games do not quite go their way. offers a live dealer online casino.

Pay Per Head companies typically charge a weekly fee per active customer.  PricePerHead offers a free trial and a fee as low as $3 per player per week.

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