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Aaron Goldstein
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You will be reading a lot about Fluid Live Wagering here on, which is simply another term used to describe LIVE IN-PLAY betting interfaces for the Pay Per Head community. 


As our long time friends at noted: "Live betting is blowing up".

It's often referred to as "the ultimate betting experience".

What live in-play wagering entails is having the ability to place a bet on a play that could occur while the game is in progress such as the Over/Under number of yards or a touchdown score.  The odds are constantly changing.  This is an offering that could not possibly be provided by an old school bookie.  Only specialized software can offer this type of wagering.

In a statement about their pay-per-head bookmaking services, a company spokesperson said: “At Ace Per Head, we pride ourselves on providing the best bookie services available to ensure that what our clients are getting is of superior quality and a service rate that is incomparable with any other whereby high-end customer satisfaction is guaranteed and where an individual stands to benefit from up-to-date and advanced software.

"We also take pride in ensuring that genuine expert advice related to our services is available at no extra cost. On the part of our online betting customers, Ace Per Head guarantees affordability and quick pay-outs whenever wagers are placed.”

Additionally, there is a live tv feature that allows players to place bets on the game while watching it live straight from their device within their AcePerHead account.

Most importantly, live in-play betting equals profitability. 

A live bettor plays multiple live bets per game and can't possibly have access to any historic data covering all gamuts of a gamein such a short period of time.  As noted above, the line is constantly changing along with the scoring. Also, the juice is generally -115 on live bets compared to -110 on a straight bet made before the game starts. This additional 5 cents and higher volume of bets from a live bettor results in an overall higher hold percentage for the bookie.

Keep in mind, has their own experienced oddsmakers delivering the live odds and making the necessary adjustments.

It's critical to make sure you are using the right Pay Per Head software.  The difference between having the ability to handle 1,000 bets or 10,000 bets plus at what point spread players are betting comes down to how fast a sportsbook’s software can adjust to what is happening during a game.

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