Odds on LockBit Releasing Hacked London Drugs Data By Noon Friday

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Aaron Goldstein
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LockBit says they stole data in London Drugs ransomware attack.  For those of us immursed in the Netflix documentary "Ashley Madison: Sex, Lies & Scandal", we realize this could get ugly real quick.


To that end, Polymarket has opened a betting market on whether Lockbit releases this information by Noon on Friday.   The odds were currently set at +122 or a 45% chance.

LockBit is a ransomware gang that has claimed they were behind the April cyberattack on Canadian pharmacy chain London Drugs and is now threatening to publish stolen data online after allegedly failed negotiations.

London Drugs was forced to shut down stores across Western Canada for a time in late April.  They later stated that evidence suggested no customer data had been compromised.

"Should our investigation indicate any personal information has been compromised, we would notify those impacted and applicable privacy commissioners in accordance with applicable privacy laws," the pharmacy chain said at the time.

On May 9, London Drugs' President and Chief Operating Officer (COO) Clint Mahlman confirmed again that third-party cybersecurity experts hired to conduct a forensic investigation found no evidence that "customer databases, including our health data and LDExtras data," were compromised.

The company stores have since reopened but the website remains down.

Polymarket's rules for resolving this market are as follows:

The ransomware group LockBit is threatening to release confidential data stolen from London Drugs if they do not pay a $25 million ransom within 48 hours.

This market will resolve to "Yes" if the ransomware group LockBit publicly releases private data stolen from London Drugs by May 24, 2024, 12:00 PM ET. Otherwise, this market will resolve to "No".

The resolution source for this market will be a consensus of credible reporting.

Polymarket does not take bets from those in the U.S.


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