Can I Still Run a Sportsbook From Illinois Even With Regulation?

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Nagesh Rath
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Bookmaking is the second oldest profession after prostitution.  The fact that Illinois recently began regulating sports gambling doesn't eliminate a profession that has outlasted the Roman gladiators, dodo bird and even Sears.


The first written record of bookmaking dates all the way back to ancient Rome, long before there was the NFL or Las Vegas.  People would gather to put down bets on chariot races, gladiatorial bouts, and other sporting events, much of which are no longer played today (well, some members of Congress recently are trying to mimic the whole gladiator thing it seems, and, yes, bets are being taken).

Enter the Land of Lincoln before Lincoln was ever President.

Chicago, the state's largest city and third most populous in the U.S., first tolerated gambling.  Most folks bet on such things as prize fights, backgammon and checkers. 

By the 1870s gambling syndicates were born to cover big risks.  Some of the most influential political contributors of the time were also among the biggest gamblers (i.e. Mike McDonald).


The more things change, the more they stay the same.

Lawmakers were quick to jump on board the legal sports betting bandwagon following the U.S. Supreme Court abolishing decades of prohibition against the activity.  As it turns out, sports gambling was never a bad thing.  Even the NFL embraces it these days.  Funny how that all worked out.

This isn't so much about wanting people to place bets on sports as much as it is about collecting lots of tax revenues from gamblers losses.

Bookies in Illinois aren't going away simply because the state decided to regulate it.  With regulation came an endless barrage of DraftKings and FanDuel commercials. 

If you had trouble opening a wagering account with any number of the offshore sportsbook operators still available in the state (most require some knowledge of bitcoin funding practices), regulated apps made this procedure a piece of cake.

One man or woman's loss is another's gain.  While offshore books found it more difficult to obtain customers over the last decade due to draconian banking mandates, bookmakers found solace in improvements with sportsbook software platforms.  No longer was it necessary to hand write tickets and operate wire rooms.  These outsourcing companies did it all.

A company like AcePerHead charges a small fee per customer, per week and provides everything under the sun for the Illinois bookie or agent, including lines management, a customized website, live in-play wagering and reports.  They even offer a live dealer online casino. 


The best part about being an Illinois bookie is the restrictions placed on regulated sites.  They can't take bets on in-state schools online for example.  The local bookie can.  In this sense, DraftKings and FanDuel act as a gateway to the industry as a whole.  Eventually players first introduced through these sites find themselves betting limited while desiring more gambling opportunities (the online casino, political bets, entertainment, Super Bowl novelty props).

Savvy gamblers also like the anonymity of playing with a local.

Bookies and agents are advised to Know Your Customer (KYC).  References are key.  Never conduct business with customers engaging in criminal behavior.

Too often a bookmaking business is taken down - not because it's dabbling in sports betting - but as a result of individuals tied to the business engaging in prostitution, drug sales, money laundering and other unsavory activities.

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- Nagesh Rath,

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