Craig Wright Recounts Disturbing Web Bullying: 'Your Slanty Eyed Asian Wife is a F***ing S***'

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Jagajeet Chiba
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Under oath during the Magnus Grath vs. Dr. Craig Wright slander trial, Dr. Craig Wright recounted horrific threats against his wife and daughter.  The video emerged via the CoinGeek website in recent days.

The case was heard last month with a ruling anticipated in the coming days.

The case was heard to determine if Grath's hateful tweets against Wright, who is autistic and has long been a subject of ridicule, can be deemed as lawful in a Norway court.  Proving slander is not enough to have an individual held liable for their actions in the Nordic nation.  Those actions include allegedly mocking a man with autism, including the use of hashtags.   The common thread of Grath's attacks appear to center around the notion that Wright is a fraud and regularly shot down claims that he was the creator of Bitcoin.

For the first time we get a revealing look into what Wright claims he and his family went through in regard to the bullying.  He claims that Grath announced a call to action for his followers to attack the Bitcoin co-founder using the hashtag #CraigWrightisaFraud.

When asked during testimony the response that was generated on the Internet, Wright went into lurid detail.

"I got upset because I had responses about my family," he testified.  "I had direct messaging and other things including a set of comments going 'your slanty eyed Asian wife is a fucking slut and we are going to have her and your half cast daughter raped."

The court was left speechless following Wright's response.

Additionally we have posted full testimoney of Dashley van Schijndel, Manager at BDO Norge.  He was one of the expert witnesses in the slander trial. Wright—the defendant in this case—produced expert witnesses from BDO and firm CYFOR who had done their own analysis on the documents examined by KPMG in building their expert report.

- Jagajeet Chiba, Gambling911.com

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