You Can Bet on Whether Keith Gill Sold His X Account

The @RoaringKitty account on X began tweeting for the first time in nearly three years.

Submitted by Nagesh Rath on, May/18/2024

You Can Bet If the Police Apologize to Scottie Scheffler By Monday

Polymarket on Saturday began offering odds on whether the police apologize to golf's world No. 1, Scottie Scheffler, on Monday following his arrest and booking just hours before he was set to play in Friday's PGA Championship Round 2. 

Submitted by C Costigan on, May/18/2024

Where Can I Find Taylor Swift Travis Kelce Prop Bets?

Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce became a "super couple" in 2023 and the gambling sites took notice almost immediately with dozens of prop bets tied to the couple including when she will become pregnant and the two get married.

Submitted by Jordan Bach on, May/18/2024

Saudi Arabia and Israel Normalize Relations Before 2024 US Elections Odds

Israeli and Saudi Arabia flags joining together

The betting public remained skeptical of Israel and Saudi Arabia normalizing relations prior to the November general election as of Mid May despite bilateral negotiations since 2023.

Submitted by Gilbert Horowitz on, May/18/2024

Rory McIlroy Next Girlfriend Odds Up Now

News broke Tuesday that Rory McIlroy filed for divorce this week, ending the seven-year marriage between he and Erica Stoll.

Submitted by Press Release on, May/15/2024

Actor Steve Buscemi Assaulted in NYC

The deranged attacker took off and has yet to be apprehended.  The assault was random.

Submitted by Jagajeet Chiba on, May/12/2024

Eurovision 2024 Odds Up as Israel Qualifies for Final, Protests in Host City

Israel pays 4-1 odds with a win but it is Croatia that is favored.

Submitted by Alistair Prescott on, May/10/2024

Governor Noem Cancels CNN Interview Amidst Book Backlash: VP Odds Now 50-1

As one might expect, customer reviews of the book on Amazon are pretty doggone funny.

Submitted by Jagajeet Chiba on, May/08/2024

Can I Bet the Westminster Dog Show on the DraftKings, FanDuel App?

Neither FanDuel or DraftKings will be offering Westminster Dog Show betting this year, but BetUS certainly will be.

Submitted by Mary Montgomery on, May/08/2024

Ippei Mizuhara Wired Shohei Ohtani's Money to 'Real Housewives' Star

Just when you thought things couldn't get any stranger, they just did.  Think bookies, baseball, translators, Vegas casino executives and housewives.  Yeah, we're going there! 

Submitted by C Costigan on, May/08/2024

Drake vs. Lamar Fight Odds Posted

Over the weekend, the simmering rap feud between Kendrick Lamar and Drake reached its boiling point, erupting into a full-blown clash marked by escalating tension and unsubstantiated claims.

Submitted by Press Release on, May/08/2024

You Can Bet on the Tom Brady Netflix Roast

The GOAT is being roasted this Saturday on Netflix...will it be the "Greatest Roast Of All Time?"  There are even prop bets on which of Tom Brady's exes will make an appearance.

Submitted by Tyrone Black on, May/02/2024

'Puppy Killer' Kristi Noem Hannity Interview Causes VP Odds to Plummet More

Noem also killed a goat the same day she murdered her puppy....and speaking of GOATs, we have all your Tom Brady prop bets for his Netflix Roast.

Submitted by Jagajeet Chiba on, May/02/2024

Bet Which Animal South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem Kills Next

Deer/Moose is favored, Primate/human at 40-1 odds?  Slayer of Pierre VP odds tanking.

Submitted by HansPeren on, Apr/28/2024

Where Can I Bet on the Trump Stormy Daniels Hush Money Trial?

Donald Trump and Stormy Daniels faces appearing side by side

BetOnline was already offering odds on the number of counts former president Donald Trump will be found guilty of in the so-called hush money trial involving former adult actress Stormy Daniels.

Submitted by t c jackson on, Apr/19/2024

Taylor Swift Tortured Poets Album Prop Bets: Album of the Year Favorite

Taylor Swift's army of fans are anxiously awaiting the release of her 11th studio album with prop bets that include the over/under number of weeks at No. 1 on Billboard as well as total streaming.

Submitted by Press Release on, Apr/18/2024

Elvis Jacket Casino Thief Nabbed

Man is alleged to have stolen a jacket once owned by Elvis Presley from the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino and now faces grand theft charges that could result in up to 30 years in prison.

Submitted by Nagesh Rath on, Apr/17/2024

Travis Kelce is Now a Game Show Host: Tapped for 'Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader Spinoff'

"I grew up loving game shows," Taylor Swift's boo said, "and I'm excited to be following in the footsteps of so many TV icons by hosting my very first one with 'Are you Smarter than a Celebrity?'"

Submitted by Dan Shapiro on, Apr/16/2024

View Co-Host Calls 'Golden Bachelor' Divorce a 'Manufactured and Complete Crock'

The couple announced their marriage was coming to an end just hours before this episode of The View aired.

Submitted by Jordan Bach on, Apr/16/2024

Happy Gilmore 2 Betting Odds Released By SportsBetting.ag

Adam Sandler recently confirmed that he is working on a sequel script for one of the greatest sports movies of all time, Happy Gilmore.

Submitted by Press Release on, Apr/08/2024

Video: LAPD Detains Influencer, Gambler Mikki Mase in Area of 'Shots Fired' Call

LAPD requested more units with rifles and suited up with helmets and extra body armor.

Submitted by Nagesh Rath on, Apr/03/2024

Diddy Do It? Gambling Sites Stay Clear of P. Diddy Betting.....For Now

Federal agents from Homeland Security Investigators and other law enforcement raided Combs homes in Miami and Los Angeles on March 25.

Submitted by Jordan Bach on, Apr/02/2024

Fake News: Hellmuth's $17 Face Masks and Doug Polk's Self-Tanner Out of Stock Forever

If you were looking to get that Hollywood tan ahead of the summer months, Doug Polk's self-tanner appears to have gone the way of the dodo bird.

Submitted by Nagesh Rath on, Apr/01/2024

Online Slots With The Highest Payout Rates

If you are into online casino slots, don’t just play any games you stumble across after you open the lobby. Also, choosing an online slot by design or theme is not a good idea. If you want to not only have fun playing but also hit some wins, make sure you choose the right games.

Submitted by B.E.Delmer on, Mar/28/2024

Man Who Helped Put Bookmaker, Drug Dealer Away Offers to Put Him Up in Apartment

On Monday Gambling911.com first reported that one-time drug kingpin and bookmaker Owen Hanson had been released early from prison after R.J. Cipriani announced the news via his Twitter account.

Submitted by Nagesh Rath on, Mar/20/2024

MGM Resorts Shoots Down Claims Bruno Mars Owes $50 Million Gambling Debt

“(MGM) basically own him,” a Vegas insider told NewsNationNow over the weekend and now MGM is saying none of this is true.

Submitted by Jordan Bach on, Mar/19/2024

Former USC Player Owen Hanson Released From Jail? Convicted of Running Sportsbook, Violent Drug Ring

Mark Wahlberg working on docuseries for Amazon about the case.

Submitted by Jagajeet Chiba on, Mar/18/2024

Bruno Mars Gambling Debt With MGM Allegedly Tops $50 Million

How did it happen?  One of today's biggest recording artists somehow managed to rack up around $50 million in gambling debts, or so it is being reported.


Submitted by Jordan Bach on, Mar/17/2024

British Bookmakers Resist Offering Kate Middleton Odds....For Now

It's being called "Kate Gate" and the entire world is talking.  What exactly is going on with Kate Middleton, Catherine, Princess of Wales?

Submitted by Jordan Bach on, Mar/14/2024

O'Malley vs. Dvalishvili or Topuria and the Oscars Aftermath

Following Sean O'Malley's victory this weekend at UFC 299, there are now fresh odds up for his next potential opponents.

Submitted by Press Release on, Mar/11/2024

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