Matusow Warns Feds Will Be Breaking Down Every Door If We Worry About Cheating in Private Games

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Nagesh Rath
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Mike "The Mouth" Matusow doesn't want to hear about cheating in private poker games.


Mike's tweet comes in the wake of the latest poker cheating scandal lodged against one Tony Mars by fellow players Nik Airball and Wesley Fei.

They claim, among other things, that Mars brought his own deck to private games in California.  Presumably he was able to see through the deck using a special pair of contact lenses.

Airball tweeted out Sunday:

"Just found out that someone who I thought was a close friend of mine cheated me out of $1m in a series of poker games. Very hurt and upset for obvious reasons, more details soon."

Matusow responded on his own Twitter page.

"Got to love how everyone is calling out cheating in private la home games! Just wondering if the Feds come to everyone’s house and arrest them for illegal gambling if they will still be talking like it’s all ok! Advice stfu before they follow you everywhere and take you all to jail! #morons."

Airball tweeted back at him.

"None of these games are illegal buddy."

A number of Matusow's other followers chimed in to support Airball's notion that these games are not illegal in California.

As far as the allegations go, Mars has since denied them.

"I'm writing this statement to set the record straight on some false accusations that personally damaged my reputation," Mars wrote. "I have won and lost huge amounts numerous times in my poker career, but I have never cheated in a game, and I have always paid when I lost."

- Nagesh Rath,

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