Belmont Stakes Betting Looks Like a Winner for G911

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C Costigan
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Belmont Stakes Betting

All early indications is that Belmont Stakes betting will be a hit for the website, which witnessed its first major sporting event of 2009 fail to meet up to expectations with The Preakness three weeks ago.

"The results were discouraging," said Payton O'Brien, Senior Editor of the website.  "The (traffic) numbers were up from last year but they did not meet forecast."

Much of that forecast was admittedly based on the record shattering results experienced from the Kentucky Derby.

A few of the sportsbooks reported that more than half the signups coming in from some affiliate partners so far this year were a result of the Kentucky Derby. 

"The only problem with the Derby is a reliance on volume," says O'Brien.  "It's not unusual to see bets of a $100 and up on the Super Bowl or March Madness.  With the Kentucky Derby, the average bet was around $10."

Thus far with the Belmont Stakes, is looking at betting interest surpassing that of the Preakness, which would be a first since the G911 website came online back in September 2000.  Of course, back then, there was hardly a website taking bets on horse racing.

"Belmont Stakes traffic was decent since post positions were announced on Wednesday," O'Brien said.  "Typically the best traffic numbers for the Triple Crown races come in on Wednesday when post positions are determined and people begin betting the early numbers.  Thursdays and Fridays, things slow down.  Then by Saturday, traffic numbers really build after noon, although with the Derby we witnessed an unusual amount of traffic beginning by 8 am."

By noon, Belmont Stakes betting traffic was surging at the website, mostly a result of solid search placement. reported its highest traffic month ever in May.  The website is the most read by industry professionals and online gambling operators. 

Christopher Costigan, Publisher 

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