Increase in Revenue Generated by Casinos in Germany Over the Past Year

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The expansion of online slot machine availability in Germany is economically beneficial. A few short months following the introduction of the new market, the rise in tax receipts was already 15.5% greater. The German Ministry of Finance released the third quarter data for the gaming industry and it reported total tax collections of €596.1 million ($589 million). 

Online slot machines contributed nearly one-third of the total revenue ($130.62 million). This is an improvement from the previous year when the country was still determining how to handle internet gambling and was still learning how to do so. 

A New Daybreak for Germany 

The implementation of the unified gaming treaty under which Germany has been functioning for the past year required several months. In the third quarter of 2022, the German federal government will begin to reap the rewards of expanded gaming prospects. 

During the third quarter of 2021 the country generated a total of 32,7 million euros through online gambling. After a year, the great majority of businesses still do not capitalise on the 5.3% return on their capital. The surrounding region suffers as a result of Thuringia's monopoly on casinos. Despite its growth throughout the preceding year, the online poker market is still quite tiny. The government got 7,9 million euros, representing 5.3% of the total sum. 

The German government offers operators that had previously targeted the German market the opportunity to transition to the newly regulated business in Germany. Due to the slow rate at which the government provides new licences, some of the idea's potential benefits cannot be achieved to their full extent. 

During the relevant period, sports betting revenues decreased. It decreased by 47.8 percent to €53.4 million (US$52.76 million). Several states were unsuccessful in their conflicts as a result of their decision to alter their strategy. The senator responsible for Hesse's internal affairs, Ulrich Müarer, placed a two-month embargo on land-based sportsbooks. He was informed after the event that they were not responsible for the money laundering. 

Northern Rhine-tax Westphalia's revenue was excessively high for its population. The overall funding amount was €138,3 million ($136,65 million). The average yearly contribution of the sector was €1.96 billion ($1.93 billion), a 20% increase from the prior year. 

New Casino Game Providers That Are Currently Playable 

Shortly, there will be fourteen separate online slot machine providers in Germany. The State Administration Office authorized both Interwetten and Admiral to conduct business in Sachsen-Anhalt. Interwetten will be responsible for both and The slots available on will be provided by both the Novomatic brand Novoonline and Admiral. 

The two novelties introduced in Germany were both connected to sports wagering. Novomatic was the original owner of the Mernov online slot platform, which was the first to operate legally online. The resuscitation and growth of the sports betting business in Germany will add to the country's fortunate fourth quarter. The successful conclusion of the World Cup and the continued expansion of the online gaming business both contributed to the fourth-quarter expansion. 

All German states will be able to legally provide online gambling after the introduction of the Interstate Gambling Treaty (GlüSTV) on July 1, 2021. Online gambling on casino games and slot machines is now legal. Its objectives are to protect youngsters, prevent fraud, and combat compulsive gambling. Here are some guidelines on what casinos ought to do to be a fully licensed German Casino.

Friendly user interface  

A user interface (UI) that requires the user to navigate through multiple alternatives to complete a single task is not simple. To keep consumers, mobile app designers should prioritise usability. This includes the ability to check your balance, play games, and take critical actions like contributing funds or claiming a credit line with ease. 

Customers of GlüSTV must have simple access to relevant financial data. The gamer must always have access to their account information, including their balance, any charges, and game logs. The terms should be simple to understand and remember. Customers who do not understand the game will lose less money if the rules are made as clear as feasible. 

Offer multiple payment options  

Casino applications should necessitate several deposit and withdrawal methods. Online payment mechanisms such as PayPal, credit cards, and bank transfers should be available in Germany. Winners should be reimbursed as soon as possible to minimize anger or accusations of dishonesty. Currency conversion and customer payment are required. Typically, issues and lost earnings are caused by seemingly minor functional flaws. Developers can avoid customer loss due to incorrect processes by verifying payments across devices and OS systems. 

Secure Interface  

Users of real-money gambling apps want to know that their money and earnings are safe. Customers are concerned about the security of their personal information, particularly financial information. Insecure games should not cause participants to incur accidental financial losses. GlüSTV contains a confirmation step before each game or round begins to protect its consumers. This could contain prompts asking players "yes" or "no" before the game begins. 

Use of 3D  

Both offline and online gamblers value clean, well-organized layouts. To create a genuine casino ambiance, a 3D design is recommended. Because of the regularity of animations in this type of content, performance must be thoroughly tested, especially on older devices. Outside of Germany, 3D and VR/AR are used to imitate a dealer in roulette, blackjack, and baccarat. There are no live dealer tables on GlüSTV. 

Offer good customer service  

Bug-free online gambling companies have earned my trust. In an emergency, having a quick way to contact customer care is critical, especially if the consumer is concerned about losing money due to a technical mistake. A 24-hour customer service department should be accessible by phone, email, and web form. Chatbots are only available at the best online casinos. 


The finest casino apps generally provide games in multiple languages. Adding language support can extend an application's reach beyond its current English and German language support. Inadequately translated texts, particularly those with grammatical faults and strange phrasing, reveal incompetence. Only native speakers can provide a complete localization process for gambling businesses. 

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