Gunned Down Casino Model Holly Graham Finally Faces Crazed Ex In Court

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Australian casino news remains all the rage, with crime, revamps and politics dominating the news. Today we update you on Australia's Star City Casino gunman and the ex casino model who is moving forward with her life, beating the odds. Media Man and Gambling911 give you a front row seat at the courtroom.

Star City Casino Gunman Stared Down In Court; Ex Casino Model Moves Forward With Life...

Former model Holly Graham has faced the violent and crazed ex-boyfriend who aimed a hand gun at her and opened fire at Sydney's Star City Casino.

This was the first time the 30-year-old former model and fitness instructor had seen Todd Devaney since he attempted to murder her on 5th May 2008.

She was overheard whispering to her parents that she was "scared". The still attracting and brave Holly said it was important that she was there at the District Court in Sydney when he finally pleaded guilty to the crime.

Holly had not seen the mongrel for close to 5 years on the day she was shot, having cut off their troubled relationship in August 2004.

One needs little imagine to how frightened Holly was when he suddenly emerged inside the exclusive Star City gym, accessible only by members and casino guests.

Devaney proceed to move his right hand from behind his back and revealed a gun, which he cold bloodily pointed at the middle of Holly's, "like something out of the movies", before shooting 3 rounds.

The then casino model turned and ran for her life, "never been so scared".

Round 1 passed through her ribs and a 2nd shattered a glass window. The 3rd hit Holly's lower abdomen and exited close to her right hip.

She was certain death was coming with medical records documenting she was extremely lucky to have not passed away.

Evidence emerged that a casino cleaner who witnessed the shooting advised Devaney turned towards him after opening fire "seeming confident and not afraid as he placed the pistol into his backpack and walked to the fire exit door."

On his way out of the casino he has the nerve to ask a staff member for directions, this time appearing "breathless". Soon after police cornered him in a nearby street where he was sweating profusely and had put on a fake moustache and beard attempting to hide this true identity. Needless to say it didn't work.

In the crims clothing were 3 guns, a latex face mask, a police badge and a set of rosary beads.

A police search of his backpack revealed yet another another police badge, multiple rounds of ammunition, gloves, a balaclava, a black wig and two Star City swipe cards - one to access the gym.

He had gone to some effort to plan and get away with the murder, however his devious vision had been foiled. He was known to be a dangerous and edgy individual and some people were not surprised the evil one has attempted such a crime.

Devaney pleaded guilty to shooting Holly with intent to murder her and 3 counts of possessing an unauthorised firearm.

Outside the court, with a brave smile, Holly said she was lucky to have made a full recovery and that seeing Devaney again had been "nerve-wracking".

"I'm very, very happy he has pleaded guilty. I wanted to hear the words. It means he accepted what he did. I just hope he's put away for a long time."

Happy Holly said she had to summon all of her courage to see him and was helped by her parents and a male friend.

Those close to the former model advise she is moving forward with her life in leaps and bounds.

Media Man has confirmed that security at Star City has been beefed up considerably at the premises since the shooting.

Devaney will be sentenced in red October.

Greg Tingle of Media Man Int. is a Special Contributor to the Website

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