Robocoin Bitcoin ATM Arrives in Hong Kong, Taiwan: 50 Machines Sold

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Aaron Goldstein
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Robocoin Bitcoin ATM Arrives in Hong Kong, Taiwan: 50 Machines Sold

Robocoin, the first ever shipping ATM, has arrived in Hong Kong and Taiwan, thus helping to make the alternative payment solution even more mainstream. 

“Bitcoin demand in Asia is amazing,” Robocoin CEO Jordan Kelley, told TechCrunch this week. “We have many Asian countries seeking to enhance consumer capability to buy and sell bitcoin securely and safely.”

Multitasking self-proclaimed Growth Guru at Robocoin, Sam Glazer, tells TechCrunch, Robocoin sold over 50 machines within the first 50 days of accepting orders.  The first machine was actually installed in Vancouver, British Columbia.

“Since we launched on October 29th in Vancouver we’ve had over 1900 people and companies around the world inquire to purchase,” Glazer said.  “Robocoin ATM’s are the best in the game; they provide individuals the easiest way to buy and sell bitcoin while simultaneously providing operators the most exciting business opportunity in all of bitcoin–our operators in Vancouver broke even in two weeks.”

Further expansion is anticipated throughout Europe and North America, including the US.

2014 is likely going to be a year in which more online gambling companies begin accepting bitcoin.  Other bitcoin-focused sites continue to emerge. is one of the few online sportsbooks offering bitcoin along with other methods of deposit/withdraw while began its bitcoin-exclusive platform this past September.  Up and coming gambling-oriented sites like promise “the most innovative website for earning Bitcoins”.

For online gambling operators who believe their customers won’t have a clue on how to use bitcoin, Glazer’s observation can easily silence this theory.

“It took us 29 days to surpass $1mm CAD in transactions from 1576 transactions,” he claims.  “52% of Robocoin customers are first time bitcoin users using our “generate wallet” feature. The numbers have actually been accelerating.”

- Aaron Goldstein,

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