Is Sports’s Latest Ad Too Salacious?

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Jenny Woo
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Totally NOT PG ad for  our family friendly site!

One of the online gambling ads drawing tons of attention these days is a new banner that features a man in bed with a woman in the foreground wearing only some slinky lingerie with her legs spread wide and a caption that reads "Tired Of Just Watching?....Want To Do It For Real?....Win Your Way To Riches...110 Percent in Signup Bonuses".

At the risk of sounding too puritanical, the question is should such a suggestive advertisement appear on the pages of a website with's deeply embedded moral fabric?

"While suggestive in nature and shocking to young eyes, such a banner is borderline acceptable by's strict virtuous standards," remarked Payton O'Brien, Senior Editor and policy enforcer of the website.

The advertisement debuted this week in conjunction with's new 110 percent cash bonus promo offer (half naked girl not included, we might add). 

O'Brien admits the ad in question probably would not be permitted by the British Ad Standards Board put in place to monitor marketing techniques.  The ad, however, is not targeting the British market. is a family website with strong family values which often much make complex ethical choices while promoting consistency in these choices.

For the saucy landing page, click here.

Jenny Woo, Senior International Correspondent 

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