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Why should we be aware of the terms?

New online betting players often encounter obstacles in the form of a variety of terms with many bookmakers, which ultimately take time to learn. This in turn will give them much greater ease in making special types of bets, combinations and much more.

In this article, we have tried to gather the most commonly used terms in online betting, so that every time you have difficulty during the game you can consult the list below. We will also give some tips on betting to get the full picture of the things you do.

Accumulator (long-term bets): This is a bet in which the player makes a combination of events within a single slip. The player wins the bet if he guesses all the events.
This is actually a very dangerous bet and if you do not have a strategy, use it very rarely.

Bookmaker: A licensed company that has the right to conduct gambling activities on the territory of the issued license. Bookmakers operate in two main ways: online and through ground stations. In the bookmaker sites and points you can place bets on various sports events, casino, slot and other types of gambling. has the latest reviews of all popular bookmakers – these reviews can help you make the right decision when choosing a bookmaker.

Ante Post: translated means "before the event". Bets that are made ahead of time. If you are betting on horse races and you are betting on a specific horse, and he is participating in several races that are scheduled for approximately the same time, then the bet is registered for that race of your choice.

Asian Handicap: Asian Handicap bets can be very valuable. But only if you understand what it is! This type of bet is actually the addition of various points, giving an advantage to one of the teams in the match. For example, if an advantage is given to a +1 goal of the visiting team, then the hosts must score 2 goals to win. However, if a tie is reached, the player gets his bet back. For bets, a handicap means the same thing: the bookmaker offers to add a positive (plus) or negative (minus) handicap to one or another team. If we choose a positive handicap - this means that we add a certain number of goals to the team, and if we take a negative - we deprive the team of a goal.

Cash Out: Betting exchanges have revolutionized sports betting. The principle of auctions and opportunities to exit at any time immediately attracted the attention of many capers. In this regard, the classic bookmakers decided to offer their customers similar services. The Cash Out feature allows the player to withdraw their money at any time after the bet has been placed. The starting amount is calculated in a certain way and gives the opportunity to leave the game with minimal losses or to take the winnings before the end of the sporting event.

Price Rush: Currently this option is only available from the bookmaker Betfair. The feature allows you to place a bet at the maximum odds, and the system automatically finds the highest possible odds for your bet on its exchange. For example, if your bet is for a tie bet and the odds are 9.0, then after pressing "bet" with Price Rush, Betfair looks for a higher odds in his exchange for this match and if he finds one he gives it to you. The opposite cannot happen, so you can rest easy.

Odds: Odds reflect one very important thing - the probability of the outcome of an event. Understanding the process of calculating the decimal coefficients - this is the first step in creating your own assessment of the correctness of the bet. Understanding the odds system is a difficult task for any novice player. What are the odds and how to find out what the profit is and what we will get when betting on one or another amount? When finding the answers to these questions, the player will have the opportunity not only to compare the odds in different bookmakers, but also to look at their bet from another point of view. It is not enough to just know what the odds and bets are. In fact, you need to be able to predict the likely outcome of the event. 

Exchange: Not all sports betting enthusiasts understand the difference between a betting exchange and a bookmaker. Today, there are many online bookmakers, and there are far fewer online betting exchanges. And this is not surprising, since sports betting exchanges appeared on the gambling market much later than bookmakers. At the moment, however, betting exchanges are in unprecedented demand, and many professional players prefer only betting exchanges, where they win by betting on sports results.

The betting exchange has a significant difference and along with this an advantage - bets are concluded not between bookmakers and players, but only between players. The online betting exchange gives players free choice. Thus, each player on the exchange can play the role of a bookmaker and offer other players his bet with his odds. I.e. stock market players bet against each other.

Bonuses: Most bookmakers offer their customers various bonus programs. They use them to attract new players and keep existing ones. The need to use bonus programs arise among bookmakers as a result of fierce competition between them. Today, bonuses are one of the main means of effective struggle for customers. That is why almost all bookmakers offer their new players a starting bonus. Potential players can be rewarded with a no-deposit bonus, which is given by the bookmaker to attract new customers and to arouse their interest in the game. That's why most bookmakers give a bonus when registering.

In addition to the no-deposit bonus, the following bonuses are very popular among bookmakers:
• Cash (deposit) bonus. This is the amount that is expected to be received by the bookmaker on the first deposit;
• Mini-back bonus (refund). In case of loss, the client is offered to return the amount of the bet.

Stop Loss: this is the feature that will limit your losses from the deposit and will minimize them when trading on the stock exchange. This option is quite often used by people playing on the stock exchange and forex market. There is a constant debate between traders about whether it is good to have the Stop Loss option, as it is quite difficult to determine the level of losses. Supporters of the game without Stop Loss claim that it is difficult to determine the size of Stop Loss. And it often happens that with the wrong amount of the stop loss, a loss is fixed, which can be avoided if the so-called Stop Loss is not added. On the other hand, if this option is not included, the risk of losing the deposit increases very sharply. However, successful traders advise you to use Stop Loss, as this is an additional option to limit your losses.

Live Stream generally means a service for free transmission of video streaming over the Internet directly to the computers of various users. In this regard, Live Stream for online betting is used to directly broadcast some matches and bets at dynamically changing odds in real time.

Double Chance: This is another type of bet that allows the player to predict 2 of the 3 possible outcomes of the event. For example, if Juventus and AC Milan play, the player can bet 1x, which means that he predicts a loss for AC Milan.


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