CoinGeek Tackles the Fears Over AI, Prospects Gloomy for Online Gambling Expansion in US

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Gilbert Horowitz
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AI is Not Generative, but Synthetic featured a piece appearing on ZeMing M. Gao’s website delving into Artificial Intelligence, suggesting it's both underestimated and overestimated at the same time.

With its efficiency, AI will force people to redefine their job but the 'creativity' factor will result in humans reflecting upon true humanity.

If man (male and female) regards himself as just a biological machine, then not only can it be replaced for its functions, but will be superseded in its very existential meaning.

But man is more than a biological machine. It’s up to us to prove it.

The hot topic these days centers on ChatGPT.

It is an accelerated way to increase the entropy of the human information system, because it quickly increases the number of the system states (in a thermodynamic sense).

Currently, the attempted rebuttals to ChatGPT all focus on finding evidence that ChatGPT seem to get wrong answers, or at least only get answers that are not as good as an expert opinion.

But these kinds of rebuttals are misguided. It’s quite likely that very soon ChatGPT will seem to get answers as good as even the experts in each field. This would not be surprising at all, not because it validates the claim of AI being real intelligence (or even a superior one for that matter), but simply because it is a natural result of what AI is and does:

It is a human-made program that collects all existing human knowledge with vastly superior efficiency, and further synthesizes it with increasingly clever statistics.

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Legislative Prospects Gloomy for Expansion of Online Betting in the U.S.: Analyst

Deutsche Bank senior analyst Carlo Santarelli last week examined the political landscape for digital expansion.  He didn't like what he was seeing.

“Efforts to pass sports betting are active and could result in some incremental states of size legalizing,” he opined, “but the prospects, when looked at individually, are not ideal for the OSB operators. Further, on the icasino front, we see little to no real momentum for incremental state legalizations in 2023.”

Some of what Santarelli studied included efforts in New York State to reduce the 51 percent OSB tax rate that failed and probably won't be explored again this year, as well as New York City's failed efforts to develop a brick and mortar casino.

"Kentucky has shown some progress" on the expansion front with efforts to push through sports betting legislation.  While a bill easily sailed through committee, the commonwealth's legislative session ends in a matter of days (March 30). It is unclear whether the measure will move any further.

Missouri has until May 12 to legitimize sports betting and no fewer than three bills have been introduced.  One of the bills, HB 556, has the most momentum but will likely face obstacles in the state senate.  HB 556 would allow for 39 online licenses and walk-up sportsbooks at the Show-Me State’s 13 casinos.

There is some hope, and probably more pessimisism, for passage of bills to allow sports betting in North Carolina, Georgia and Texas.

- Gilbert Horowitz,

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