Global Gambling Trends: More Regulation On the Horizon

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Over the last decade, technology has been a significant driver of the trends in the global gambling industry. Gambling has thrived mainly by drawing from the possibilities of technology that it now wears an identity that is almost inseparable from technology.

Gambling and technology have forged a relationship that will continue for many more decades in many countries, including Norway. This is because the gambling industry’s current state is tailored to move with any new technology development. As technology advances, one can expect a commensurate advancement in gambling practices on casino platforms recommended by https://www.norskespilleautomater.com/nettcasinoer for Norwegians.

Apart from technology, other trends will define the global gambling industry in the near future. Many people are oblivious to these possible trends because of the current stronghold of technology and are not anticipating their impact. Future gambling trends may also rely on technology. Still, they will also compellingly shape the direction of gambling.

Expected future trends for the global gambling industry

Here are some of the future trends that are expected to shape the global gambling industry in many countries, including Norway:

  • Social Media Gambling

Through the aid of technology, gambling is penetrating every sector, including social media. The majority of gambling ads are run on social media. Still, social media platforms are currently looking to retain most of their traffic. Social media platforms will allow gambling on their platforms to avoid losing the huge numbers they get from gambling ads, but this may require some form of verification.

  • Penetration into New Territories

Gambling is still restricted in some parts of the world. Many people living in these restricted parts usually resort to various practices to circumvent the restrictions. Some use VPNs and other security tools to mask their activity. Still, much more than circumventing the restrictions, their primary locations lose revenue to foreign governments and gambling authorities. Many countries will look to raise the restrictions, to prevent enormous revenue losses.

  • Personalized Gambling Marketing

Gambling platforms use a lot of advertisement and marketing to target potential bettors. Still, many of these ads and marketing efforts are not specific, and thus, they do not convert as expected. In the future, there will be a lot of streamlined marketing efforts from gambling companies to target people who have an interest in gambling. These marketing efforts will approach audiences based on specifics that are peculiar to them alone.

  • Tighter Laws

Gambling laws will get tighter and stricter in the future. There are a lot of sharp practices in the gambling space which can only be eradicated with strong laws and regulations. Through technology, many mechanisms will also be put in place to ensure that everyone conforms to the laws.


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