Texans Were Among the Biggest Liabilities for BetOnline: Book Makes Out Like a Bandit

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Don Shapiro
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BetOnline's Dave Mason noted some of the bigger bets placed at his sportsbook for the Sunday November 20, 2022 NFL games with the Houston Texans standing out above all others.

Houston ultimately failed to cover against the Washington Commanders when all was said and done.

These were a few of the bigger bets placed at BetOnline.

$86,563 HOU +3.5
$62,500 HOU +3.5
$30,000 HOU +138
$28,000 NYJ/NE Over 36.5
$27,500 LAR/NO Over 39
$27,500 CHI/ATL Over 48.5
$26,750 WSH/HOU Under 41.5
$25,000 DET/NYG Under 44
$25,000 DET/NYG Under 44.5


How Did Our Hot NFL Trend Fare This Week?

Favorites covering when the line is 3 or below had been invincible up until a few weeks ago. The stipulation is that the number does hit 2.5 at some point, but does not go above the 3 at books were specifically monitor.  So, as an example, if the line is between -1 and -2, that does not meet the trend.  We'd note also that very early lines and those posted the hours prior to game time do not count in most cases.

Tennessee Titans +2.5 to +3 Green Bay Packers certainly met the criteria, up until Wednesday night that is.  DraftKings had posted a number of Green Bay -3.5 during the late hours of Wednesday and FanDuel along with others followed by Thursday morning.  Most books had Green Bay sitting at -3.5 throughout the day Thursday.

That left us with only one other game meeting this criteria: Las Vegas Raiders +2.5 Denver Broncos.  It proved to be a tough overtime loss for Denver as Vegas won by six points in the end.

The trend is now 24-9.

We offered up these picks in order, from top to bottom, of which teams we felt were the hottest.  Our top two (Denver and Green Bay) fizzled while the rest came through.  We ended up going 4-2 with our picks.

Denver -2.5

Packers -2.5

Jets +4.5

Bears +3.5

Browns +9.5

Chargers +7

Colts +9

Lions +3.5

- Don Shapiro, Gambling911.com

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