Getting My Sportsbook Business Up and Running Has Never Been Easier

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If you're an entrepreneur looking to enter an explosive industry with what seems like endless opportunities, there are tools at your disposal.  We're talking about running your own sportsbook...and the great news is you'll leave about 90% of the work to the experts.


What You Need to Start Your Own Sportsbook

No commitment, No Deposit and No Personal information Necessary.  Where have you ever heard that in regard to starting a new business?

Nothing is THAT easy per se.  You'll still need some capital.  It's just not as much as you might think.

Of course you need to have players.  Word of mouth is an excellent way to obtain additional clientele but marketing makes up a portion of the 10 percent work you'll be engaged in.

Figuring out a budget is important because it is synonymous with the how much you can afford to pay winners.  The budget is in direct correlation with the max bet limits and the max number of players you can have.  Remember, there will be good weeks and there will be bad weeks, as you probably know if you've already been betting sports.

If you have $5,000, 10 players with $2,000 in action every month then you need to set your maximum bet for a worst case scenario. The lower the max bet the lower the risk; however, keep in mind that it will mean lower profits.

How much money do you need to become a bookie?

    If first 6 months of operations are bad, you will need at least $70, 125 to stay in operation*
    If first 5 months of operations are bad, you will need at least $58,437 to stay in operation*
    If first 4 months of operations are bad, you will need at least $46,750 to stay in operation*
    If first 3 months of operations are bad, you will need at least $35,062 to stay in operation*
    If first 2 months of operations are bad, you will need at least $17,937 to stay in operation*
    If first month of operation is bad, you will need at least $11,687 to stay in operation*

*These estimates are based on having a sports betting operation that fit the following assumptions:

    Type of Bookie – Credit Shop
    Number of Player: 25
    Operating Costs: Since most bookies run their betting shop out of their home, we will assume that the operational cost will be $5 per player
        This is based on using the Bookie Pay Per Head Service for a total of $500 Per month.
    Player Credit Limit: $1,000
    Max Bet Allowed: $500
    Bonuses: none
    Banking Costs: 5% Banking Fees
    Estimated Monthly Turnover: Total amount of money wagered every month by all players
        (Number of players x (credit limit x Max bet/100)) x 5 = $125,000
    When do you settle up – end of each month
    50/50 Action – You have excellent line and you have 50% action on both sides of each wager
    Vig/Commisssion – 10%

Bookie Profit/Loss for a Regular month

    50% of the players get a payout that average 65% of their credit limit ($8,125 )
    50% of the players that lose, average a loss of 85% of their credit limit($10,625)
    your monthly fees are $1,437
    Your Vig/Commission is: $5,312

This means that you end up with a profit of $6,375.

Features of a Pay Per Head

PricePerPlayer offers their Pay Per Head at $5 per player per week, and even lower in some cases.  It all depends on the number of players brought in.


    Easy to use player management system
    Set player limits and access
    Create and Edit your players
    Control your players betting options
    Daily, Weekly and Monthly Player figures
    Intuitive and reliable reports
    And much more


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  • A type of business of this nature requires that you KNOW YOUR CUSTOMER.  You'd be surprised how one individual engaging in shady behavior can take down your business in one foul swoop.
  • Florida's compact between the Seminoles and state finally puts to rest the notion that bets are placed where the gambler is located.  The Seminoles are allowed to take bets in the state of Florida based on the notion that wagers occur on the server on tribal land.  Sites like PricePerPlayer operate entirely outside the US and the servers are located in jurisdictions where sports betting is legal.
  • It is still critical that you consult with an attorney prior to setting up your sportsbook business.  Always pay your taxes.
  • Do NOT take bets over your smart phone or land line (assuming you still have one). 
  • We like to refer to these businesses as "reverse affiliates".  A typical affiliate-based model pays upwards of 35 percent of player losses.  You are essentially getting a cut of the revenues.  In the case of a Pay Per Head, that's reversed.  The PPH gets around 10 to 15 percent (the weekly $5 per player).  So instead of getting 25% of the profit, you're getting 85% to 90%.  Unlike affiliates, you are in full control of your customers.

- Martin Hackborn,

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