The Biggest Horse Racing Events in The World 

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Horse racing has been around for many, many years. Due to it being an immensely competitive sport, it makes for great entertainment and also an opportunity to win some money through betting. Being that there are so many horse races throughout the season, we are eligible to wager on these races frequently. You will find that all across the world, the most prestigious horse races follow up, one after another on the racing schedule. 

The beauty of this sport is that it honours the centuries of history and traditions that are very much still kept today. Many travel across the world to watch particular horse racing events and have a punt using the betting stands at the side of the racetrack, whereas others prefer horse racing betting from the comfort of their own home, simply logging into their betting account online. That is the perfect thing about this sport, it can be loved and supported in many ways possible. When it comes to addressing the best horse racing events all over the world, let's look into them, shall we? 

Kentucky Derby

The Kentucky Derby is restricted to a 3 year-old thoroughbred, male or female. This means that a thoroughbred will only ever be able to compete in this event once in their lifetime. In America, it is one of the most notorious and exciting annual horse races. This is one of three races that make up the Triple Crown of thoroughbred racing. 

The Kentucky Derby is held at Churchill Downs, a very popular and well respected venue in the world of horse racing. Located in Louisville, this week-long racing festival brings together fans of horse racing all around the world, being on the bucket list of major punters.

To top it off, you can find excellent places to stay and eat within Louisville. You can find tickets online for this venue, for the upcoming 2022 event.

Royal Ascot 

Royal Ascot is a five-day horse racing event which has been a tradition since 1711. Based in the small town of Ascot, this event features not only the best race horses, but also the most decorative clothes and food you will ever see.

This event was first established when Queen Anne rode her horse to the field, from Windsor Castle and thought it would be an excellent place to race. It was then later that year when the race was founded and it’s been a tradition since then.

The event takes place in June of every year, one of the only months in which you could find nice weather in the UK, allowing the Royals to flaunt their summer jewells.

Breeders’ Cup

Yet another popular space for horse racing, the Breeders’ Cup brings together a modest and elite prize fund of $6 million. What makes this one of the best race meets in the world, is the fact that it does not take place within the same venue annually. Each year, the event will take place across a different venue, meaning that fans get treated to different settings and venues consecutively.

The sporting event takes place over two days, making it quite the intense series of events for attendees, long hours with intense energy and action within the venue each year. There usually is a total of fourteen races that take place during the two days, so if you intend to go, make sure you get your snacks at the ready!

Melbourne Cup 

Last but not least, we have the Melbourne Cup. This fine race takes place in Australia, and is a huge profile event for the region. The roots of this race go back to 1861, where there was a Melbourne Cup Carnival that took place to commemorate the breeds of horses, their ability, and of course race capability. Those that attend the festival tournament are required to wear celebratory wear that competes for the best dressed title for both genders.

Being one of the oldest race horse events in Australia, it has become a cultural necessity that many locals enjoy and celebrate alongside. The grand prize of this event can range from $5.3 million, all the way up to the prestigious amount of $8 million. The winner of this race receives the Golden Trophy.

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