iGaming and Blockchain With Becky Liggero and LilBit

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Jagajeet Chiba
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Long time friend of the Gambling911.com website Becky Liggero sat down with the frontline voice of BSV Blockchain, Handcash, Champions TCG and newcomers LilBit to discuss, among other things, the world of iGaming and how blockchain and micropayments can impact the space.

If you're a gambling operator not focused on blockchain, consider yourselves among the extinct like dodo birds, dinosaurs and the Sportsbook Review grading system.  Our dear friend Calvin Ayre is a proponent and investor in BSV Blockchain projects.  Simply put, BSV operates the way in which the original Bitcoin was intended.  Calvin wasn't part of Wednesday's round table but you can bet he was tuned in.

Miles Malec is a newcomer for us.  He's CEO of Champions TCG, a trading card game formerly known as CoOM Battles.  Like a lot of folks now with BSV, Miles got in back when there was only Bitcoin and Ethereum. He mined a lot of Ethereum in the early days and sold it when it was $300 for a bunch of BSV. That hasn’t been a profitable trade, but he’s working on some of the coolest stuff in the BSV blockchain.  In his free time (assuming it can be called that) he runs and popular taco and pizza joint.

Handcash has been around the BSV ecosystem longer than most organizations.  Alex Agut of Handcash tells us his company is transitioning more into the iGaming space.  Smart move Alex!

Pete from LilBet are our new friends and we encourage you all to follow them on Twitter.  They are just now breaking into a whole new space called microbetting. It is a subset of in-play wagering that allows players to place bets on individual moments such as next to score, next to get a penalty, in a game in real-time. It offers the instant gratification betting opportunities with just pennies on the dollar.

Fun Fact: In December 2021 a Miami jury determined that Australian engineer Dr. Craig Wright was the real Satoshi Nakamoto, founder of the original Bitcoin.  But just as 34 percent of millennials firmly believe that the Earth is flat, there remains a small percentage of people who dispute a jury of their peers findings.  Calvin has a name for these people but we can't repeat it on this family friendly website. 

When it comes to Handcash, Becky asked what every single gambler wants to know outside of who will win tonight's game: How do we get paid?

"If you are a user, get your QR code and share it across Twitter or wherever you want," Agut said.  "The easiest way is get your credit card, there's a button that says 'buy' and you put your credit card information over there.  You can buy from $1 to $500 dollars."

Agut is also working on the integration of stablecoins, which are really blowing up in the online gambling space of late and will take Handcash to the next level.   A stablecoin is a type of cryptocurrency where the value of the digital asset is supposed to be pegged to a reference asset.  The benefit is that your transfer does not lose value during times of instability.  From a personal standpoint there have been times where Bitcoin is received during the early morning hours and the price starts going down for whatever reason. 

Rebecca wanted to know about the Lil Bit affiliate program.  Becky could hardly contain herself, and we know why, as she explains.  Can't help but get a little nostalgic here.

"This is where I get really excited because I started off in the affiliate industry in 2005," she said with that sparkle in her eye.  "A long time ago and I remember how painful it was getting paid by some operators."

That got dark real quick!

"With the sharing of a link, if you get someone registered, every time they place a bet, you automatically get a little bit of their bet sent to you."

Pete points out all the gimmicks with today's sportsbooks promising you the world with free money.

"Deposit $5 and we will give you $200," he says of these sites. "If you are trying to withdrawal the money, they will give you problems.  They will tell you you need to bet it or something along those lines.   

"Also what they usually do is pay you if your affiliate won or lost.  So either you win if they lose or you win if he wins, something like that, but we pay the person instantly once the person places the bet."


- Jagajeet Chiba, Gambling911.com

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